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Armenian Genocide of 1915 Divides U.S. Muslims

Armenian Genocide Started 4/24/1915...Killers Not Punished Just Like U.S. Killers of Iraqis 1990-2003

Video of Solidarity Walk for Yarmouk

Despite all the Atrocities the Syrian Revolution is Still Alive - Interview Yasser Munif

Israel Demands "Anywhere, Anytime" Inspections of Iran (But Not of Israeli Nuclear Facilities)

al-ahmed (5K)
U.S. and Sudanese War Criminals Join Saudi Arabia in Attack on Yemen Interview

gaza after attack2 (37K)
Gaza Six Months After the Attack - Video

NYT Reporter Claims Saudi Arabia will "Step Up" Effort to Make Nuclear Bomb

Israeli Help for al-Qaeda

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TV Show: "Lia Tarachansky, Filmmaker and Video Journalist"

image for show 583 (23K)

*** Starting with a call to attend the Planet and Peace march in NYC in late April ***Featuring remarks by Israeli-Russian filmmaker and Real News reporter Lia Tarachansky *** cartoons about Yarmouk and Yemen *** wicked rap satire on Palestine/Israel by RapNews of Australia *** Program #583

TV Show: "Jewish Voice for Peace Joins the Majors"

image for program 582 (38K)
A Jewish peace group for the first time can be said to 1) support the full Palestinian call on BDS and 2) be a significant player in the Jewish community. TSVN interviews Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of JVP and plays part of Rabbi Brandt Rosen's speech. We also interview Rev. Heber Brown III who spoke at the March 2015 JVP meeting. He talks about a Baltimore police brutality incident. *** Program #582

TV Show: "Revelations about the Attack on Gaza"

image for show 581 efrati (38K)
Featuring two interviews with Eran Efrati talking about what Israeli soldiers told him about Gaza in 2014 including how the Hannibal Procedure was used. (in this "procedure" Israelis kill Israeli soldiers to prevent their capture *** starting with Pacific Warriors of 350.org and the typhoon that wrecked Vanuatu *** The Struggle #581

TV Show: "Supporting War Crimes - Tax Free"

image for show 580-2 (65K)
*** NYC protest by Adalah-NY of lavish fundraiser for the "Friends of the Israel Defense Force" *** Israeli solider set dogs on Palestinian youth *** Heller calls for outrage over Israeli support for al-Qaeda linked force in Syria *** Jim Wright of the ICAN, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, preview of talk about a case in Baltimore similar to the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson *** program #580

TV Show: "As the Israeli Navy Kills Another Palestinian Fisherman"

image for show 579 (47K)
Fisherman Tawfiq Abu Ryala was killed off the coast of Gaza by the Israeli Navy doing its usual deadly harassment, some of which is shown in Fida Qishta's film "Where Should the Birds Fly?" *** Fida Qishta does Q and A after a showing in CT *** John Feffer interview about the monies spent on nuclear weapons vs. the money that needs to be spent to fight global warming *** Hugh Gusterson on the culture of atomic scientists at Livermore Lab and Los Alamos *** Train Your Police in Israel - Satire from "Apartheid Adventures" *** Latuff cartoon in memory of Yasar Kemal, a Turkish author of Kurdish origins *** The Struggle #579

TV Show: "Making Nuclear War More Personal"

nuclear more personal5 (130K)
*** developer of app that shows what nuclear bomb will do to your area http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ *** interview with Helen Caldicott at her NYC conference "The Dynamics of the Possibility of Nuclear Extinction" *** Noam Chomsky speaking at Caldicott conference *** Code Pink at AIPAC conference challenges Netanyahu *** "Indian"mascots are insulting, North Haven petition to be delivered 3/12, interview with Talia Gallagher. Comment by Sebastian Medina-Tayac *** Show #578

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they scream kill the arabs2 (12K)
They Scream in Hebrew "Kill the Arabs" - Police Guard Their March

jimmie lee jackson bridge (70K)
Why Not Call it the Jackson Bridge - #DontHonorDevils

dogs set on youth Beit Ommar2 (11K)
Dogs Set on Palestinian youth

code pink netanyahu masks2 (27K)
Code Pink Protest AIPAC

al mansoura st2 (22K)
Al Jazeera Documentary about Israel's Latest War on Gaza

Wesley Clark Admits ISIS sm (25K)
Former General "ISIS Got Started Through Funding from our Friends and Allies"

naseer aruri 2004 sm (18K)
The Late Naseer Aruri - Interview 2004

Other Short Videos

Our Current You Tube Channel

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600 at Jewish Voice for Peace Baltimore Meeting - Videos

U.S. Withdraws Its Military Forces from Yemen Leaving $500M Weapons

banner2 we can't breathe2 (35K)
After the Greek Election Forum NYC

Video - Conference of Activists Leading Fight Against Nuclear Destruction - March 1

yusuf (16K)
March 19 - One Year After the Unpunished Murder of Yusuf Shawamreh

Netanyahu Before Congress, the Lies, #SkiptheSpeech and John Stewart's Satire

An Indian is Not a Mascot - Change the Mascot in North Haven, CT

Over 280 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Forces in February

Amer Juban on Trial in Jordan for Terrorism

Interview with Rachel Corrie's Parents
"Israel Court Decides Its Soldiers Above International Law"    Podcast        You Tube

Heller "Forum" Article on Saudi Arabia in the New Haven Register

after the climate march forum2 (61K)
Video - After the People's Climate March Egyptian Blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah Given 5 Years by by Sisi Coup Regime

MECC Opposes Call for Declaration of War in Iraq, and Syria

Kayla2 (35K)
International Solidarity Movement Honors Kayla Mueller, Hostage Killed by IS

Protest the Crushing Deaths of Workers at Checkpoints

"Flogging for Blogging" - Official Saudi Policy - Medea Benjamin
Kristof's Article on the Lashing and Heller Comment      Graphics for Use

Palestinian Workers at the Israeli Checkpoints - Photos, Articles and Video Charlie Hebdo, Saudi Arabia and a Criticism of the U.S. Left

Two Telephone Interviews as Syriza Wins in Greece-
Interview with Ioanna Gutas in Athens
       Our Archive on Greece

Statement by French Jews - "The Trap for Jews"

Interview with Richard Greeman in France - The Paris Massacre and the Real Situation for French Muslims and French Jews

Three Points About the Attack on Paris

US Muslim Responses to Massacre in France

War Crimes and Atrocities - Dr. Jamshid Marvasti -Journal of Psychohistory

How Palestinians are Kept Off of 93% of the Land

As the Israeli Government Seeks to Defy its High Court - Our Interview with David Sheen

Five Year Old Palestinian Shot in Face
Warning - Bloody Picture

2014year27 (49K)
2014 The Year in Pictures

Remember C.I.A. Torture Ended Up Killing Hundreds or Thousands of U.S. Soldiers

Landslide Vote for BDS by United Auto Workers Local

"Why Does the U.S. Support Israel's 'Jim Crow' Government?"
Published in New Haven Register

New archive - Greece - A Nation Fed up with Austerity and about to Take a Leap

abdullah hasan2 (23K)

Brave Speakers Talk about the Horror House that is Egypt

Medea Benjamin - Hagel's Departure Should Open Debate on Obama's Wars

We Go Over 1,000,000 Views on Our You Tube Channels

Photos and Interview - Demonstrations Break Out over Rasmea Odeh Conviction

sahar3 (28K)
15 Videos of the Tree of Life Conference

Not Only U.S. Used Nazis, So Incredibly Israelis Did Too - Interview Shraga Elam

Tomas Young Dies after a Decade of Agony, Injured Iraq War Vet and Protester
Tomas-Young3 (19K) TomasYoung2 (24K)

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Israelis Unmoved by Video of Terrible Conditions at Checkpoint

How Big is Syriza's Win in Greece?

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