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link to Johanna's Blog

              As in Lebanon IDF Surprised by Effectiveness of Resistance on the Ground

Long List of Palestinians Say, "No Ceasefire without Justice"

Jewish Opposition to Gaza Rampage Grows

demos round world july 2014 (451K)
Protests in Many Countries Against Israel's July Rampage

At Least 60 Dead in Al-Shajaiya Massacre in Gaza City

photo confront Murphy2 (146K)

We Confront Senator Murphy Over His Support for Israel's Gaza Rampage     "What Bill?"

Recent TSVN Video of Protest in Hartford and New Haven

Postings from Najwa Sheikh in Central Gaza Friday, July 21

Israeli Fascists Attack Israeli Peace Rally in Haifa - Injuries

Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Rampage

Photos of the Grief After 4 Kids of the Bakr Family Killed by Israelis on a Beach

Loathsome Senate Resolution "Green Lights" Netanyahu

All the Dead Have Names

StruggleVideo on Twitter...Follow Us for the Latest News

Adult Suspect Finally Named....Latest on the Lynchings

Jordan Allows Family to Visit Amer Jubran - Jubran Victim of New Repressive Law

Our NEW website page - "BitLafs" - Bitter Laughs

for more headline stories (20K)

TV Show: "After the Lynching"

lynch victim in jerusalem2 (240K)

*** After the lynching of Mohammad Abu Khudair, marching in Shuafat, video of beating of victim's cousin Tarek *** at the Left Forum at the end of May, Toby Kramer of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Max Geller of Students for Justice in Palestine (Northeastern campus)...(Show 544)

TV Show: "Mayhem in the Middle East "

racist says butcher the arabs2 (109K)

*** Murder and lynching in Jerusalem *** video of racist woman in Hebron saying, "Butcher Arabs" as she attacks them on the street *** "Where Shall We Go?", say New Haven Homeless *** Chris Hedges, Q and A... (The Struggle #543)

TV Show: "For Some the Vietnam War Hasn't Ended "

black and white laos2 (186K)

*** Howard Machtinger of Veterans for Peace project "Full Disclosure" explains how many veterans opposes the Obama 13 year "commemoration" of the Vietnam War. **** Susan Schnall (Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibilty) talks about continuing effects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese and Americans. *** From Democracy Now - Cluster Bombs continue to explode and maim in Laos *** BBC staff holds silent protest for journalists imprisoned by Al Sisi regime... *** The Struggle #542

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Recent Programs

lamis lawfaire sm (67K)
How the Zionists Use Lawfare (#540)

cornel west sm (101K)
Cornel West at the Left Forum (#539)

Older TV shows on You Tube and here for our first 344 shows!

Our You Tube Channel StruggleVideoMedia
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Other Featured Videos

Iraq What the F is Going on2 (24K)
Iraq, What the F***** is Going On? - Jon Stewart

shot dead may 15 2014 sm (18K)
One of Two Murdered by Israeli Snipers

CNN Report on Murder of Two Palestinians Youths Demolishes IDF Lies

medea benjamin smile gandhi 2 (20K)
Complete Medea Benjamin Gandhi Peace Award Speech

Irrigated with Blood2 (23K)
Irrigated with Blood - Youth Plant in "No Go" in Gaza

start CIA march keystone (29K)
Start of Cowboy and Indian Alliance March Against Keystone XL Pipeline

Would I Saw in Zapatista2 (22K)
What I Saw in Zapatista Mexico

Other Short Videos

Our Current You Tube Channel

Over 300,000 Views on Our Older Channel


gaza ark destroyed1 (10K)        gaza ark destroyed2 (12K)
Gaza's Ark Deliberately Destroyed by IDF Marauders

In Libya There is So Much War and Chaos, Neither Main Airport is Operating [[Thank you Obama!]]

Uncle-Sam stop our tax dollars2 (50K)        gaza_war_crimes_2_2009 (45K)

A Bereaved Mother's Speech is the Best Answer to Netanyahu's Raving

On July 4, Be a Patriot: Stop Another US Military Intervention in Iraq - Medea Benjamin

250 Palestinian Prisoners are on Hunger Strike - Israel May Force Feed Them

Facebook Refuses to Withdraw Page Calling for Murder of Prisoners

Obama Vows to Seek Justice for Murdered Americans
(Except for Rachel and the Sailors on the USS Liberty)

riccio and staklo (18K)
Rally against CT Child and Family Mistreatment of Trans "Jane Doe" Obama Vows to Seek Justice for Murdered Americans
(Except for Rachel and the Sailors on the USS Liberty)

NOPE symbol sm (22K)
They Tell Governors "NO" to Expansion of Spectra's Methane Gas Pipeline - Video

So Obama Really Can Close Gitmo - Medea Benjamin, Ally McCraken

Genius Idea (97K)
Video of Rally for Torture Victim Rasmea Odeh       June 9 Podcast Interview

proud to be video2 (35K)
Over Two and a Half Million Have Watched This Demand for Respect for Indians

Cornel West at Left Forum 2014 (14K)
Exciting Speech by Cornel West at Left Forum

ugur1 (13K)               ugur2 (18K)
10th Turkish Man Finally Dies From Israeli Attack on Mavi Marmara

tipis and bird and monument (54K)

The Cowboy Indian Alliance Against Keystone XL Climate Killling Pipeline - 20 TSVN Videos

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Our Latest Podcasts

June 16 - Jeff Halper - "30,000 Palestinian Homes Demolished"

Interview with Newsweek's Jeff Stein about Israeli Spying

Interview with Medea Benjamin:
the Beating, AIPAC and her Upcoming Gandhi Peace Award

3/12 Interview with David Sheen of Apalling Racism Against Africans in Israel

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Jeff Halper, Four Events in CT this June


Stan Heller's Blog

The Corner Report - Gale Khoury

Popular Resistance - Mazin Qumsiyeh

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