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TV Show: "Nullify the Useless Oslo Peace Process"

Image for show 722b (61K)

Featuring Budour Hassan, Palestinian journalist. As Trump announces a move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Hassan calls for dissolution of Palestinian Authority. *** Syiran children under siege in Eastern Ghouta *** hundreds of thousands in the streets in Honduras to protect the election which they say put a new president in office *** second section of Timothy Snyder's talk for Promoting Enduring Peace *** activists use Christmas carol to try to persuade New Haven Mayor Harp to take money out of (fossil fuel investing) Wells Fargo Bank *** program #722

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A Letter to a Disappeared Wife, Disappeared Dec. 9 2013 with the Others of Douma 4

New petition: New York Times: Suspend Thomas Friedman Over Saudi Propaganda

RPM Adopts Resolution: No War in Lebanon
Calls on Hezbollah to Leave Syria and Protect Lebanon

RPM Adopts Resolution: Condemn Assad for Using Sarin and for his Sieges

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TV Show: "Timothy Snyder, Ideas for Resisting Tyranny"

Image for show 721 (24K)

featuring the first section of Timothy Snyder's talk for Promoting Enduring Peace 11/28/17 . Snyder is a Yale professor whose viral Facebook post and book "On Tyranny" inspired many to resistance *** starting with a rally in Hartford, CT protesting a killing of a 15 year old by a Bridgeport policeman *** new resolutions from RPM, the Revive the Peace Movement network *** satire on Israeli lawfare against critics of Israel who support BDS *** program #721

TV Show: "Puerto Ricans Say 'NO' to the Jones Act and Crushing Bank Debt"

image for show 720a (59K)

featuring 11/19/17 rally and march in DC opposing the colonial Jones Act and debt enforcement against Puerto Rico *** interview with Milly Guzman about conditions in Puerto Rico *** starting with Syria, a White Helmets rescue, *** describes destruction of an entire marketplace *** Jewish Voice for Peace demonstrates against a ridiculous rally of support for Israeli *** Machsom Watch shows what's it's like for workers to go through a checkpoint *** program #720

TV Show: "Jewish Group Pickets Zionist Organization of America"

image for show 719b (340K)
starting with the rally against Alt-Right leader Steve Bannon and the group that invited him, the Zionist Organization of America *** part of the dialogue between Wendy Pearlman and Molly Crabapple at the book event about Pearlman's book "We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled" *** notice Timothy Snyder speaking about his book "On Tyranny" 11/28/2017 *** notice of the 11/19 Puerto Rico rally in DC, one of its themes is "No to the Jones Act" *** program #719

More video and analysis of If Not Now Picket of Zionist Organization of America

TV Show: "Salman and Trump Bring Famine to Yemen"

image for show 718 (281K)

Saudi Arabia with U.S. indifference closes all access to Yemen for food and medicine *** Congress crushes attempt to stop U.S. warfare against Yemen *** 20 Jewish Voice for Peace chapters protest ADL in a "Deadly Exchange" campaign *** Timothy Snyder to talk about tyranny on November 28 in New Haven *** conclusion of Bill McKibben "Simply Too Hot" talk at Yale *** program #718

TV Show: "Wendy Pearlman Reads the Words of Syrian Refugees"

image for show 717 (454K)

featuring Wendy Pearlman as she reads from her book of interviews with Syrian refugees. She's introduced by artist and writer Molly Crabapple *** Palestinians in Nablus and Jews in London protest Balfour and Netanyahu *** another chunk of Bill McKibben's talk at Yale this one emphasizing some climate victories including huge divestments in fossil fuel companies ** program #717

TV Show: "Climate Denialism"

image for show 716 (28K)

New Haven protest calls for banks to stop investing in fossil fuel projects *** Tim Wright for ICAN, the group that won the Nobel Peace Prize *** the scam of "tax reform" (Democracy Now video) *** Bill McKibben talks (at Yale) about the vile tactics of the companies that tried to pretend that climate change was not real *** Dickinson, TX pulls back on its anti-BDS pledge *** program #716

TV Show: "McKibben Warns: Step Up the Pace"

image for show 715 (130K)

Bill McKibben speaks at Yale University 10/12/2017 and explains that we must go faster at eliminating fossil fuel elimination or go over the tipping points to climate disaster *** Dickson, TX now requires flood relief grant applicants to pledge they do not boycott Israel *** video from inside Homs Syria, a brave prison hunger strike *** "Valve turners" allowed to use necessity defense as legal innocence attempt in pipeline shutdown *** tribute to Joanne Landy who founded the Campaign for Peace and Democracy *** program #715

TV Show: "Puerto Rico Left Hanging"

image for show 714 (99K)

Hundreds rally for Syrians and their revolution in Rome, Italy, Oct 6 *** U.S. miserly plan to help Puerto Ricans *** Trump' threat *** Mitch on what 350CT thinks should be done *** Professor Hilda Lloréns on the years of protest of the coal ash, current dangers and a way forward *** newly discovered film of a rally of 20,000 Nazis *** silent protest of a Southington, CT dedication of a statue to Christopher Columbus **** idea for Toscanini Day to replace Columbus Day *** program #714

TV Show: "Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon"

camp (45K)

Khawla Hammad tells about those of her children killed during the 1982 Israeli attack in Lebanon. Amena Elashkar explains life for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon today. Jason Ortiz and Alexis Rodriguez talk about the coal ash problem in Puerto Rico, made worse by Hurricane Maria. Scenes from Oct 5, 2017 street theater in Washington, DC against the Saudi-U.S. war on Yemen.*** program #713

TV Show: "Why One Village Fled to Lebanon"

image for show 712 (32K)

Khawla Hammad talks about the experience of her family in '48. Amena Elashkar translates. Both are exiles in Lebanon. They spoke at CCSU in CT on 9/21/2017. *** Puerto Rico. Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz nearly in tears as she describes what is happening. A little part of Amy Goodman's interview with Yarimar Bonilla about Puerto Rico *** news about the petition to tell UNH to drop its police program in Puerto Rico. *** those "no nonsense" NASCAR owners want to respect the U.S. flag. So why do they allow the traitorous Confederate flag to fly at their events? *** tribute to legendary activist Mary Johnson who did in August 2017 with portions of "It's RADical" interviews from 1994. *** program #712

TV Show: "Doing a Bouthania to Support Yemen"

image for show 711 (35K)
featuring effort to use a gesture to show solidarity with 5 year old whose family was wiped out by Sadui(U.S.) bombing *** starting with terrible news about the assassinations in Turkey of two Syrian activists *** University of New Haven is helping to train Saudi police and 50 notable Americans are up in arms *** three Jewish Voice for Peace activist talk about the Banksy hotel in Bethlehem and their experiences in Hebron and Jeusalem *** treatment of Puerto Rico is a disgrace ***program #711

TV Show: "Climate Warning at GreenExpo"

image for show 710 (41K)

*** Greenexpo and a warning on climate from Dr. Gale Ridge *** Roger Waters and why he is so strong for BDS against Israel *** more of the bike tour of the West Bank of Palestine by Ellen Rubin, Shelly Altman and Susan Bramhall of Jewish Voice for Peace *** program #710

TV Show: "Boycott Wells Fargo"

image for show 709 (63K)
Quarter million Rohingya being driven out of Burma *** George Monbiot on why capitalism is bad for the climate *** FEATURING interview with Ellen Rubin, Susan Bramhall and Shelly Altman on their one week bike trip through the West Bank of Palestine (part 1) *** program #709

TV Show: "Boycott Wells Fargo"

image for show 708 (67K)

Rally in New Haven to get the city to take its funds out of Wells Fargo bank which was a major funder of the DAPL ( Dakota Access Pipeline) speakers Norman Clement, Rev. Allie Perry, Geremy Schulick, Melinda Tuhus *** Democracy Now segment on Texas flooding*** Greenexpo *** Democracy Now segment on the deaths of 1,200 in southeast Asia flooding *** program #708

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to keep netanyahu out of jail (33K)

Anti-Semite Balfour Didn't Want Jewish State, Just a Bigger British Empire

They Tell University to Stop Helping Train Saudi Police

Besieged in Homs Prison in Syria, 500 Go on Hunger Strike

ACLU to Support Kansas Teacher Defiance of Anti-BDS Pledge

Anti-Semitism That NYT's Bret Stephens is Ignoring

Video of Demonstration Against Increased Israeli Repression

Nassau, Long Island Politicians Want Roger Waters Banned

#GazaUnlocked, a Social Media Action Tuesday, July 18

Of Course He's Syrian

Seymour Hersh's Latest Denial of an Assadist Sarin Attack

Gaza a State of Humanitarian Shock- Sara Roy

Vile Threats against Professor Johnny Williams and Trinity College

As Abbas/Israel Cuts Electricty,
Haaretz Columnist Warns of New Massacre Being Readied for Gaza

no stones no riot Huwara (40K)
No stones, no riot, settler merely stopped

The Papers Get the Huwara Killing All Wrong

About the So-Called Admissions by Clinton and Biden

What the Hunger Strikers Won

10 Reasons Trump Should Not Strengthen U.S.-Saudi Ties - Medea Benjamin

Senators Introduce Resolution #40 to Restrict Missiles Going to Saudi Princes

Comments and a Wicked Cartoon about Abbas Meeting with Trump

image of local 33 march (61K)
Thousands March in New Haven to Support Local 33

An Expert Does Q. and A. about the Prisoners' Strike

may day block (42K)
Mayday New Haven Video

Former U.S. Intelligence Agents Try to Explain Away Latest Assad Chemical Atrocity

White Helmets Responding to the "False Flag" Doubters

Hundreds Call for Israel to Restore Omar Barghouti Travel Rights       Background

Palestinian Children from Refugee Camp to Dance Debka in CT

people want fall of the regime banner (51K)
Rally in DC Celebrates Start of 7th Year of Revolution in Syria

Almost 200 Write to Senator Murphy about anti-BDS Bill

Senators, Oppose this Bill that Would Infringe on our Right to Support BDS

Don't Be Fooled by Gabbard's Bill. It's Really "Crush the White Helmets"

The Amnesty Report on Mass Hangings in Syria       Answering British Ambassador Ford

The Bodega Strike of Yemenis, Feb. 2 in Brooklyn

A Dozen Videos of the 1,000 People Protesting for Muslim Immigrants at Bradley Airport

Youtubes of New Haven on J20 and NYC Women's March

Poem Read for Prisoners in Syria at Event on Jan. 15

The Assads and the Palestinians Over the Years

As Free Aleppo is Crushed, Support for Syrians Still Must Go On

A Sharp Critique of an Assad Supporting Panel in New Haven

Anti-Palestinian Definition of Anti-Semitism Fails in U.S., Adopted in the UK

Two CT Mosques Threatened with Hate Mail

Bill Endangers Free Speech Rights of Students Who Talk about Israel

In a Rational World This Would Sink the "Anti-Semitism Awareness" Nonsense Act

Forest Fires: Zionists Planted Pine After Destroying Native Towns - M. Qumsiyeh

CODEPINK challenges AIRBnB - Ashton Kutcher Defends

Anti-Semitism "OK" if You're Also Pro-Israel Gideon Levy

False Fears That Defying Putin Will Bring on World War

Still Necessary to Tweet about Douma, Syria

Video of Rally Against Anti-Black and Anti-Indian Racist "Calhoun College"

Scores of Palestinians Create Open Letter on Syria

A Year After the Arrest of Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour

front of Blumenthal about Saudi (54K)
Senators Back Saudi Killing        Some Senators Took Defense Contractor Money and and Voted

Bashar-Assad-King-Abdulla-Saudi-arabia-2010b (24K)
Misunderstanding Saudi Interventions

Controversial Peace Council Visit to Syria and Meeting with Assad

Crappy Journalism about Saudi Arabia and ISIS

"End the Sieges, Protect the Syrian People",
Heller Column, New Haven Register

New York Times Calls for Halt in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

The West Cannot Stand Back - Janine DiGiovanni

nader-and-barghouti-520x330 (32K)

Omar Barghouti and Ralph Nader to Receive Gandhi Peace Award

Obama Follows Putin's Lead in Syria

Next Act in the Witchhunt against Ken Livingstone

BDS Resolution Loses in Razor Thin Vote in Anthropological Association

Medea Benjamin "Planning for the Next Memorial Day"

Avaaz Petition: World Leaders: Refugees are Welcome in Our Countries

Video of Revive the Peace Movement network at the Left Forum 2016

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