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TV Show: "March (Lack of Human Rights) Madness"

image for show 788c (47K)

Photo of a massive crowd of protesters in Algeria *** Syrians in Daraa demonstrate in regime occupied city *** Iranian human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, given 33 years in prison *** photos from DC protest of Saudi embassy on women's rights day *** Daniel Ellsberg talks about the imprisonment of Chelsey Manning *** Jackson Browne's speech after receiving the Gandhi Peace Award *** program 788

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A Man Who Got Away with Mass Murder Dies Peacefully at 93

About Dov Yermiyah, the Hero Mentioned in the Above Article

An Article Ha'aretz Wouldn't Print Refuting Claims
about Labour Party Anti-Semitism

Stunning Article by Michelle Alexander on Palestine

Open Letter by Unionists and Others Asking Union Leaderships
to Support Fired Texas Teacher

Press Release "Return the Remains"

Petition: "Return the Remains of Jamal Khashoggi to His Family"

More TV Programs (13K)

TV Show: "The Billboard in Bridgeport"

image for show 787 (37K)

Billboard in tribute to Palestinian first responders in Gaza, interview with Clare Maxwell *** Democracy Now! coverage of UN report on deliberate Israeli killings of children in Gaza *** interview with Marc Nelson about his drawings about the regime war against Syrians *** final section of the talk by Lama Abed at the Palestine Museum US *** program #787

TV Show: "A Young Woman from Gaza"

image for show 786 (47K)

Featuring first part of the talk by Lama Abed, a remarkable young woman from Gaza who talks about conditions there and her hopes for the future *** starting with UN report that says Israel shot children and journalists deliberately in Gaza *** anger by U.S. rightist Jewish groups over Netanyahu's willingness to ally with Kahanist fascists *** Netanyahu for corruption *** the U.N. and al Rukban in Syria *** Donna Baranski-Walker introduces Lama Abed *** program #786

TV Show: "Sell U.S. Nukes to the Crown Prince?"

image for show 785 (109K)

in this show Syria, Saudi, Palestine*** Assad attacks on northern Syria resume with many dead *** will UN airlift food to Syrians in Rukban *** Democracy Now report of Congressional studhy that reveals Trump administration wants to sell Saudi Arabia 16 nuclear reactors, raising questions of whether the regeime will use them to make bombs *** Stanley Heller also emphasizes the danger of nuclear power reactors *** two satires about Israeli apartheid one from Apartheid Adventures, the other from Amnesty International *** Israeli TV commentator under fire for being disgusted with a beating of several Palestinians *** program #785

TV Show: "Omar Grills, Roasts, Toasts Elliot Abrams"

image for show 784 (34K)

We examine in detail the baseless tweets of the Opinion Editor of "Forward" claiming anti-Semitism against Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar *** Rep. Omar sharply questions Pres. Trump's proposed Venezuela "Coup Czar" about his cover-up of mass murder in El Salvador decades ago *** Dahr Jamal about coming "climate disruptions" and their effects on millions *** Young girl in Bethlehem with leukemia whose mother is not allowed to travel out of Gaza *** trailer of film "Stitching Palestine" *** program #784

TV Show: "Protesting 'Brand Israel'"

image for show 783 (68K)

protest in front of the Carnegie Hall appearance of the Israel Philharmonic which the Israeli government is using to pretty up its record of killings and apartheid *** telephone interview with Iannis Delatolas about March 16 demonstrations against Fascism *** Stanley Heller's makes a short comment about Trump's claim that he has created an "economic miracle" *** New Haven Green New event with Nora Heaphy of the Sunshine Movement and Chris Schweitzer of the New Haven/Leon Sister City Project *** Yellow Vest marches continue in France *** Senators introduce legislation to stop U.S. aid for the Saudi-U.S. war on Yemen *** *** artwork at the Wadsworth Athenium *** Southford Falls ice *** program #783

TV Show: "No Whitewash of Maduro, No Coup"

image for show 782b (54K)

Alan Nairn talks about Trump's open plan to take Venezuelan oil but does not minimize the "corrupt" rule of Maduro *** protest in New Haven of attempted coup *** a chorus "Shades of Grey" sings at a Martin Luther King, Jr. event *** at that event New Haven activist Barbara Fair talks about her life *** Palestinians made to kneel outside town of Silwad*** program #782

TV Show: "No Coup!"

image for show 781 (10K)

starting with DN! video about Trump's attempted Venezuelan coup ***Stanley Heller talks about the failures of Chavez-Maduro *** the Women's Wave photos *** Israelis soldiers shoot "tear" gas into Palestinian ambualance *** Barbara Ehrenreich calls for TSA workers to go on strike *** Joyous Yellow Vests sing American pop song *** program #781

TV Show: "Teacher Strikes in Greece and LA"

image for show 782 (72K)

Teachers in Greece strike over lack of permanent hirings *** Los Angeles teachers walk out, first time in 30 years *** Sen. Sanders excellent tweet on Saudi Arabia *** Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun flees Saudi Arabia to Canada to escape family abuse and Saudi thought control *** J. Kehaulani Kauanui talks about Columbus Day *** program #780

TV Show: "Yes, There's an Emergency: The Climate"

image for show 779c (329K)

DN! footage and Stanley Heller comment about grave news about CO2 increase and global warming. *** Sudan protests continue, one march with 20,000, protests often union lead *** in the rain in Union Square, NYC protesters remind about Yemen *** solidarity with Iranian worker leader tortured in Iranian prison *** shut down is a #Trumpdown *** conclusion of the talk by Yale professor Jason Stanley "How Fascism Works". *** notice of upcoming March 16 NYC march against fascism *** program #779

TV Show: "Realize European Fascists Imitated the KKK"

Image for Show 778 (52K)

As Trump talks about declaring a "state of emergency" to get his wall, listen to Jason Stanley, author of "How Fascism Works". *** At the start of the program, floods in Syrian refugee camps *** protests of the war on Yemen at various UN missions in New York city *** comment about David Kirkpatricks' article talking about 14,000 Janajweed Sudanese doing the Saudi dirty work in Yemen *** segregated roads in Palestine/Israel *** Rashida Tlaib takes her seat in Congress wearing Palestinian thobe #TweeYourThobe went trending *** then the main part of Jason Stanley's talk in the R. L. Julia bookstore at Wesleyan ***program #778

TV Show: "Sudan Revolts"

Image for Show 777b (77K)

Starting with photos from nearly two weeks of demonstrations in Sudan against the al-Bashir dictatorship *** Brave Syrian protest in Daraa which had surrendered to Assad months ago *** Dylan Connor sings about Syria in Hartford *** In just a few sentences Miko Peled tells it like it is *** featuring the start of philosopher Jason Stanley's talk about his book "How Fascism Works" explaining why fascism is very much something a philosopher should discuss *** program #777

TV Show: "Don't Allow this Firing to Stand"

#StandWithBahia (47K)

Outrageous firing of Texas teacher Bahia Amawi for refusing to sign an oath give up her right to boycott *** Lara Kiswami on how people in the Bay Area took direct successful action during an Israeli attack *** Iranian workers demonstrate against withholding of their pay *** homeless in New Haven insist on a Homeless Person's Bill of Rights *** program #776

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Calling on Teacher Unions NEA and AFT to support
Teacher Fired for Defending Right to BDS

Let's Get Unions to Support Teacher Fired Over BDS - article by Stanley Heller

New Haven Homeless Demand Homeless Person's Bill of Rights

A Jewish Letter to Trevor Noah
(and any other "Star" Raising $$ for the ADL)

The Khashoggi Killing, CT Colleges and Links to Saudi Arabia

#SolidarityWithJews, but Keep those Israeli Apartheid Flags at Home

where is khashoggi's body2 (9K)

no justice no seat (46K)
Thousands March in NYC Against Kavanaugh

How Syrians are Rolling Back Extremism in Idlib Peacefully

100 Sign Letter Insisting U.N. Take Action on Syria

Loubna Mrie "The Battle for Idlib will Be Soaked in Blood"
in "The Nation"

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