Videos and Comment about XLDissent Action Washington DC 3/2/14

obama didnt vote for kxy (11K)
Hey, Obama, We Don't Want Your Climate Drama

chavez from peru (10K)
Student from Peru Worries about Climate Problems

system (10K)
"The Whole Damn System, Tear it Down"

go to go (11K)
Keystone Pipeline Has Got to Go

jasmine (10K)
Jasmine Thomas of "The People of the Land" Denounces Keystone XL

piece of tar sands (19K)
"This is Tar Sand "

handcuffed xl dissent (11K)
Handcuffed to the Fence

Comment: Impressive march, 95% young people, disappointed that the "System Change, Not Climate Change" contingent wasn't more visible, there was one big banner with that message, but behind them the crowd and signs looked like everything else, did see "The Whole Damn System" chant voiced by 50 or 100 people, which was very nice. Among the speakers no ecosocialist point of view, mainly apppeals to Obama. Last speaker even wore an Obama shirt! They need to read McKibben's latest Rolling Stone article about Obama and start calling the abomination "The Obama Keystone XL Pipeline".

The Washington Post story is here complete with an awful picture that makes the event seem insignificant.

BUT you can and should comment after the article.

Here's the New York Times report with a much better picture.