White Christmas and Blackface

Everybody knows the song "White Christmas" which was first used in the movie "Holiday Inn" in 1942. The story is that Bing Crosby is starting a hotel in Vermont that's open just for holidays. I can't recall if I saw the whole thing before and I didn't last night. I just happened to tune in when they got to February and Lincoln's Birthday.

The female singer is also Bing Crosby's girl and for some reason he's hiding her from Fred Astaire. So he tells her that he just decided that the Lincoln number will be done in blackface.

In the next scene Crosby in blackface as an old man with side whiskers sings a song about Lincoln and everyone on stage and the wait staff are in blackface. At one point they cut away to the kitchen where an actual Black actress as an Aunt Jemimah type and a couple of Black kids sing a few lines about "darkies" and Lincoln.

As if that wasn't bad enough out comes the love interest. OMG. She's a grotesque Pickaninny with absurd curls extending away from her head and a thick white line emphasizing the lips.

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This site says AMC removed the black face number in the version it shows. Don't know what channel I was watching, but it was embarrasing and shameful to see this.