We Have a Little Time on Syria....What Do We Do?

Brainstorming...ideas in no particular order

Congressman Larson is having a public forum Monday at 3 p.m. West Hartford Town Hall, 50 South Main Street. Attend and also call your own representative and insist he or she have a similar forum

Call Congress, both Senators and your member of Congress Tuesday morning

Have a rally in front of every member of Congress office

A teach-in, an old fashioned protest on a campus featuring a number of speakers

Write letters to newspapers

Call one friend or relative who is open minded and talk about Syria

Bone up on the material....see this archive

Work with or join an organization that does peace work and ask for action on Syria

Ask a non-peace group to spend some time on Syria

Join our new listsev no_war_syria which will be housed on The Struggle website. We'll talk about practical ideas about avoiding a new war. If you're interested send a message to mail@thestruggle.org. For convenience put your email in the body of the message.

OTHER IDEAS appreciated