Former CT Senator and Governor Weicker Calls Israeli Wall an "Abomination"

Speaking at the Tree of Life Conference in Old Lyme, CT on October 20, 2013 former Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker compared the Israeli Wall to the notorious wall that was built by East Germany.

This is the video (recorded by TSVN).

He said, "When I think of Israelis, Palestinians and today's wall I'm reminded of yesterday's East German wall and when that obstruction came down I remember an America that stood up and cheered. What then is the difference between that wall and the one that stands as an abomination in the holy land today?"

He criticized those who "use history as a justification for an ongoing policy isolation internment, deprivation and humiliation as waged against today's Palestinians"

"Instead of insisting that Israel get to the business of peace in short order, the United States fuels indifference to Palestinian suffering by continuing a steady flow of military and economic aid to Israel as if they were the sole aggrieved party in the present standoff."

"The United States congress past (and that included me) and present has been successfully lobbied to close its eyes to the travesty that has consumes the holy land."

He noted that lobbyists rated his loyalty to Israel at 100%

Weicker called for the Israeli wall to be torn down. He said, " "I believe the time has come to treat both sides equally as to economic aid, dollar for dollar and the quid pro quo, the wall comes down"

Weicker received national fame in the 1970's taking a hard line against Watergate corruption even though then President Nixon was a member of his own Republican Party. In the 1980's he took part in a protest against South African apartheid and was arrested at the Washington D.C. South African embassy.

Weicker was introduced at the event by Associate Minister Rebecca Crosby.

Also speaking at the event was Miko Peled, son of famed Israeli general Matti Peled. Peled was harshly critical of the the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government.