Our Electronic Petition to Senator Lieberman

Throw Lieberman's Op-Ed Right Back at Him

The media is very interested in Lieberman at this point. His "Our Troops Must Stay" op-ed in the Wall Street Journal is correctly seen as the neo-con answer to Congressman Murtha's demand for withdrawal. We should use it as an opportunity to show opposition to the war. Where Murtha's constitutents are applauding him, let's show that CT folks are "booing" Lieberman.

We called for a mini-demonstration on Dec. 5 expecting four people to hold up banners. Instead 14 turned up. We had an article in the New Haven Register the day of the event and a photo the day after. We also had a video clip and a mention on Channel 8 that was repeated several times. Lieberman is rightly seen as out of step with the American people and even with his own political party.

1) Let's get a thousand names for our petition "Stop Supporting War and Torture". Our petition is doing very well, getting 40 signers a day. Tell your friends about it. Best is if they sign up on line, but paper petitions are available here. Just mail them to us at MECC, Box 3626, Woodbridge, CT 06525.

Leaflet meetings about Lieberman and phone your friends to get them so sign our petiton.

2) The papers will print letters about Lieberman. Some already have been published. We've made it very easy for you to send a letter with email links to all the major CT papers. Some of the points you can make can be found in our refutation of Lieberman's op-ed. Or you can use the points made by Congressman John Murtha. You can go to the trouble of reading his op-ed and making your own points. Or just generally attack the war that's laying waste to Iraq and killing and maiming thousands of American soldiers.

3) Think creatively and come up with your own ideas for ways to protest Lieberman and all the CT Congressmen and Senators who support the war. Let us know about them.

The fact that former Senator Lowell Weicker pulled a shocker and said he might run for Senate purely on the Iraq war issue shows that some politicians are smart enough to see the sea change in public opinion on this war. Lieberman supposed 67% approval rating isn't scaring Weicker. It shouldn't scare us.

The point of this exercise is not political, but educational, to show folks in CT that that their anti-war views are the views of the majority.

Let's pour it on.