The Mosque Atrocity

by Stanley Heller

March 22. The report is there are 42 dead and 84 wounded in a bombing of a Damascus mosque. A well known Sunni pro-regime cleric was apparently the target. His grandson was among the scores of others were killed. The New York Times had an article about it. They didn't use the words "massacre" or "atrocity". They didn't ask for comment from the Qatar, or Saudi governments who fund the rebels who surely did the act. They didn't seek comment from Presdent Obama or the State Department either. The U.S. pretends to be alarmed that the major military forces among the rebels are admirers of Bin Laden, but have made no move to reign in their Gulf monarchy support. Apparently they are back to the days of Ronald Reagan spouting about Afghan religious fanatics being the moral equals to our founding father.

Yes, I know that regime atrocities are far more numerous and that the regime started the whole bloodbath in 2011, but it doesn't make it any less revolting what happened in the mosque. The sectarian fanaticism among the rebels and their growing record of brutality has no doubt strengthend Assad's forces. Syrians may hate Assad, but if the alternative is their own extinction or enslavement they'll stick with the devil they do know.