Supposed Anti-Semitic Cartoons

Anti-Semitic Cartoons on a Progressive Blog Adam Levick

comment by Stanley Heller

January 16, 2013. I think Levick's article is dead wrong. These cartoons are all criticisms of Israel and Israeli leaders. None of them are about Jews in general. None of them exhibit Jewish stereotyped features, etc. Is it anti-Semitic to use a Jewish star in a political cartoon when the Israeli flag has a Jewish star in it? Is it then racist to make a political cartoon with a variant of an American flag?

I don't like cartoons comparing Israel to Nazi Germany because thankfully it's not conducting itself on the level of the Nazis in the '40's (except for 1982 as it killed 17 to 20 thousand in Lebanon and carpet bombed refugee camps and massacred thousands at Sabra-Shatilla). Perhaps Israel should adopt a motto "Not as Bad as the Nazis". But while I don't like the comparisons generally and don't use those cartoons I don't see them as anti-Semitic.

Perhaps Mr. Adam Levick could save his anger for some actual outrage like the shooting in the back of the teenager in Budrus a few days ago or Cast Lead, etc. etc.


comment by Tony Greenstein

This article [by Levick -editor] is worthless. Total trash.

It may indeed wrong, exaggerated and hyperbolic to compare all Israeli actions to the Nazis but to say that such a comparison is anti-Semitic is bunk. Whilst the Zionists make repeated comparisons between their victims and political opponents and the Nazis then it is natural that some respond in kind. What was the slogan of the Zionists opposing our picket of Sodastream in Brighton? 'No Nazi pickets in Brighton' and a leaflet comparing our picket with that of the SA in Germany on April 1 1933 when the true comparison is between us and those who picketed and boycotted German goods and shops that sold them from 1933 onwards.

In fact some Zionists, a minority at the moment, but a sizeable minority, do indeed see the Palestinians as the equivalent of the Jews of Europe. 'Arabs to the Ovens' on my blog reported how a Lubavitch magazine in Israel, Fountains of Salvation, did indeed speak of death camps for Arabs. 'Arabs to the gas chambers' has been sprayed over buildings in Hebron. The widely acclaimed (by hundreds of rabbis who defended it) book Torat HeMelech by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira in Israel, which advocated genocide of the Palestinians and the killing of babies and children, is a Nazi-like tome.

Perhaps I should give the fool that wrote this a little test. 10 quotations and he can tell me who wrote them - Zionist or anti-Semite/Nazi. It would be interesting to see what he makes of Pinhas Rosenbluth's comparison of diaspora Jewry as 'vermin' or Klatzkin's 'hideous creatures' or Hess's comment on the importance of Jewish noses, or indeed the warm meeting of minds between the father of Jewish settlement in Israel, Arthur Ruppin and Prof. Hans Gunther, Himmler's ideological mentor.

In fact the comparison is thoroughly anti-racist, even if at times it is wrong. It compares the victims of Nazi racism to the victims of Zionist/Israeli racism. Or is the author saying there are no such comparisons? If so s/he should read my citations above. Or ask why the Law of Return is a mirror image of the Nuremburg Laws (which the Zionists welcomed) or why the State takes legislative and of course administrative steps to only allow access to 'national land' for Jews.

Israel isn't a Nazi state and it hasn't perpetrated a holocaust, though its actions have been genocidal. But that is because of political circumstances not because of etiquette.

As I said, this article is just boringly repetitious and the EUMC Monitoring Committee definition of anti-Semitism is not accepted by anyone outside the Zionist confines today. If comparisons with Nazis is anti-Semitic then Begin's description of Arafat in Beirut as akin to Hitler in his bunker, and the repeated comparisons made by Zionists are also anti-Semitic. But like any cheap propagandist the author is incapable of even the semblance of analysis.

Tony Greenstein ******************

I agree with Stan Heller and Dorothy Naor re the propriety of the cartoons equating Zionism and Nazism that you complained about.

Below is an excerpt from the January 29, 1936 Palestine Post:

“A Nazi explanation of why Zionists are favored in Germany has been given to the German press by Herr Hinkel, Commissar for Jewish Affairs in the Reich. ‘We purposely favor the Zionists culturally because they are the only Jews who have given a formal and acceptable guarantee of cooperation with the government’…. Herr Hinkel apparently refers to Dr. Georg Kareski…. Dr. Kareski is associated with the Revisionist party."

And the March 1936 issue of L'Idea Sionista, the Revisionists' Italian organ, reported on the inauguration of Betar's Maritime Squadron at Mussolini's Naval Academy on March 29, 1936.

Bibi Netanyahu proudly proclaims himself to be a disciple of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the Revisionist-Zionist movement. His father, Benzion Netanyahu, was Jabotinsky's secretary.

Today Netanyahu doesn't dare talk about Kareski and/or Mussolini's patronage of the Revisionists. But the fact is that Jabotinsky hoped to convince Mussolini to replace Britain as Zionism's Palestine Mandatory protector because he thought that Britain wasn't tough enough with the Palestinian Arabs. Now let me ask you, has Netanyahu ever criticized Jabotinsky for having sent his Betar youth to be trained by Mussolini?

No mincing words: given the above ugly facts, and Netanyahu's Gaza wars, isn't it reasonable to think that the only reason why he isn't tied in with Hitler and Mussolini is due to the fact that those two "nice guys" are dead?