For Shaden

February 15, 2007
(On the sixty sixth birthday of Martyr Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh)

On the altar of love

An angel came from above

To take her soul away from all

On a journey like that of prophets

To the lands of the first call

The home of martyrs and divine poets.

On that day Shaden didn't die

And today, Feb 15, is her birthday

Sixty six years of love, struggle, and tears

For the children of Palestine

And the earth that is yours and mine.

Sixty six years she is today

Despite the pullets that killed her yesterday

Or was it four years ago?

A heart in love with her would not know

Earthly time in this case does not show.

In birthdays we give presents to those who we love

But what present can you give to a person who is Love

This is the greatest challenge of all

Only divine help can prevent the fall.

A party for her I shall make

The sweetest cake I shall bake

Family and friends I invite

Sixty six candles we must light

A promise & oath we must make

We will not stop the fight

The chains of the oppressor we must break

Peace and justice for children's sake.

Shaden Abu-Hijleh is a Palestinian peace activist assassinated by the Israeli Army on October 11, 2002; you can visit the website in her memory on: