Saudi Bloodbath - 47 Executed

Sheikh Nimr4 (31K)

January 3. The Facebook page of Sheikh Al Nimr supporters says the body of Al Nimr was not returned to the family and was buried by Saudi authorities.

January 2. The New York Times reports 47 people executed by the Saudi government including Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. There was no word in the article about whether his nephew Ali Mohammad al-Nimr was also executed. The website set up in Sheikh al-Nimr's defense has not yet reported on the execution.

Salon claims all the executed were beheaded.

The Guardian (UK)wrote, "According to his supporters, the cleric was careful to avoid calling for violence and eschewed all but peaceful opposition to the government. On one occasion, he urged protesters to resist police bullets using only 'the roar of the word'

A Facebook page reports that three "youth activists" were also executed by the Saudis: Mohamed Al Sheuikh, Mohammed Al Suwamil, and Ali Saeed Al Rebh.

This site in support of the people of Bahrain talked about Sheik Al Nimr. More about Sheikh al-Nimr here in a Washington Post article from November 2015.

As is well known the Saudi kingdom is a great ally of the U.S. 1%. Obama has sold the Saudis $90 billion in weapons in recent years and backs their aggression against the Yemeni people 100%

obama and king salman oval office sept 2015 (42K)
Obama and King Salman in the Oval Office Sept. 4, 2015. Notice Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue in corner

This is a video of a protest of al-Nimr supporters in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

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