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Older TV Shows on Youtube from 2020

TV Show "Pictures From a Palestine Exhibition"

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Starting with pictures of Gaza and the effects of the virus there *** final notice of Sat. 3/28 PEP online meeting *** featuring entire segment on Democracy Now interview (3/25/20) with hospital nurse the message being @TrumpSendVentilators2NY *** yes, no sanctions on Iran that would hurt the people BUT Iran get out of Syria *** pictures from the temporarily closed Palestine Museum US, an exhibition of Palestinian women's paintings *** 2 latest climate videos from 350 *** Human Rights video about Saudi Arabia *** program #842

TV Show"Famous Artist Samia Halaby Talks at Palestine Musuem US"

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Starting with singing on balconies in virus plagued Italy *** Stanley Heller looks at coronavirus and race baiting, calls for complete protection for grocery and food workers and explains why merely giving people cash is inadequate *** Featuring the first part of a talk by the famed Palestinian artist Samia Halaby at the Palestine Museum US, on International Women's Day, March 8, 2020. *** program #841

TV Show"Holi Against Hidutva"

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Featuring a rally at Yale University March 5, 2020, Opposing Modi's anti-Muslim measures in India and the building of detention camps. Hundreds of students eventually took part. *** starting in a lighter mode with visits to art museum at Harvard and the Danforth Museum in Lincoln, MA *** outrageous stripping of Syrian refugees by Greek authorities *** notice that several meetings will be changed to meetings over Zoom.us *** program #840

TV Show "Angry March Demands 'Justice for Mubi'"

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featuring march and rally protesting the killing of Mubarak (Mubi) Soulemane in West Haven, CT *** starting with Israeli killing of Palestinian policeman in his police station *** Israeli army bulldozer pushing rocks at top speed in Kafr Quddoum *** anguish of a Syrian man whose children have been killed *** interview with Mayson Al-Misri, a Syrian activist in the White Helments who is a refugee in Canada ***Democracy Now! analyzes a Yale report that says Medicare for All would save hundreds of billions each year *** program #838

TV Show "Big NYC Rally Against Modi's Anti-Muslim Campaign "

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January 27, 2020 a large rally in NYC near the Consulate of India protesting his Hindu supremacy campaign and his occupation of Kashmir. Speakers, signs, chants. **** Yale rally against the growth of fascism in India *** Oliver Stone incredibly will lead a film festival in tyrannical Saudi Arabia *** 900,000 flee to the Idlib border with Turkey *** Dylan Connor in Turkey to dramatize terrible situation in Idlib - Connor at party for Syrian refugees *** program #837

TV Show "Too Late - Wrenching Personal Stories from Gaza"

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featuring a talk by Yusuf AlJamal about life in the Gaza Strip including accounts of the deaths of family members by Israeli action and callous inaction . *** Conclusion of Mazin Qumsiyeh's "Shafer Lecture" at the Palestine Museum US. *** starting with outrages in Syria and suggestions for slogans and demands *** upcoming rally on 2/21 in West Haven to protest the state police killing of Mubarak Soulemane *** preview of upcoming show, rally in Hartford to cancel the proposed Killingly fracked gas power plant *** preview: major demonstration in NYC opposing Hindu supremacy laws and lynching's in India *** program #835

TV Show "Looking at the Soulemane Shooting Second by Second"

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Featuring TSVN analysis of the body cam of CT state police in the shooting of Mubarak Soulemane shows he was killed roughly 30 seconds after police had surrounded the car he was driving *** Also more of Mazin Qumsiyeh's Shafer Lecture for Promoting Enduring Peace *** program #834

TV Show "Mazin Qumsiyeh Gives the Shafer Lecture"

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Featuring the first part of Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh's talk at the Palestine Museum US. It is the Shafer Lecture of Promoting Enduring Peace 1/19/2020 *** audience stands behind banner for Ubai Aboudi, abducted by Israeli soldiers and put in "Administrative Detention" *** solidarity rally in Lebanon *** massive rally in Iraq calls for U.S. troops to go home *** should Auschwitz 75 memorial be called the World Hypocrisy Forum? *** 1/26 rally for Muslims in India *** Mubarak Solemane killed by state Trooper in West Haven, CT, rally of protest in his city New Haven *** program #833

TV Show "Iranians in the Streets Again"

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The Gaza Strip bombed again *** featuring Iranians out in the streets protesting the incompetence of their government that got 176 people killed on the Ukranian jet and scores crushed in government sponsored demonstration for Soleimani *** Syrian city in Idlib destroyed *** a White Helmet martyred *** "for Salma" nominated for Academy Award *** Jason Stanley's talk in October 2019 about how fascists use the concepts of "corruption" and "purity" to channel justified anger by working class and middle class people into movements of hate *** program #832

TV Show "New Campaign for Syria"

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Featuring Dylan Connor's new song about Syria *** starting with photos from rallies opposed to a U.S.-Iran war *** Assad bombs a garbage dump *** worse news from Australia about the tolls of its brushfires *** Adem Carroll speaks about persecution of Rohingya and Uyghurs *** program #831

TV Show "She Denies the Muslim Rohingya are Citizens"

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Trump escalates warfare with Iran via assassination *** Protest in Berlin as Assad, Iran and Putin smash up Idlib *** Half a billion animals die in Australian bushfires *** Australia committing "climate suicide" says Australian author *** Australian red sky another reason to reject CT fracked gas power plant *** featuring talk by Ossamah Siddique, a Rohingya activist at Yale university *** program #830

TV Show "Poisonous Teachings"

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Israeli David Sheen highlights some unbelievable racist rabbis who teach at a military officers training school in Israel *** Hundreds rally in Hartford to protest mistreatment of Muslims in India *** some video of Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh who will be delivering the Shafer Lecture for Promoting Enduring Peace on 1/18/20 *** program #829

TV Show "'Reeducation' of Chinese Uyghurs"

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Featuring the talk by Adili Yilihamu, a Uyghur from China, whose parents have been imprisoned for long sentences. A million of more Muslim Uyghurs are locked in "re-education" camps learning to cast off their religion and customs and become "Chinese". From an event at Yale University. *** rally in in New Haven 12/6/19 part of the second U.S. climate strike *** Earl McWilliams of "No More Dirty Power in Kilingly" talks about one of the reason the committee opposes building another methane burning power plant in the northeast CT town *** first notice of Mazin Qumsiyeh's upcoming Shafer lecture on 1/18/20 *** program #828

TV Show "Fossil Fuel has Got to Go"

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featuring climate activism, solidarity rally with Yale and Harvard protesters, and Dec. 6 "Sunrise" Climate Strike in Hartford, CT *** Starting with protest video by Syrian artists from @daalie.anti-war *** #IdlibOnFire *** Two kidnapped by Iraqi police, demand their release *** Democratic leadership dooms Khanna/Sanders effort to end Yemen war *** Trump's Executive Order to Stop Palestine Solidarity in Colleges *** NYT article on methane with infrared photos*** program #827

TV Show "Iranians Protest at the U.N."

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Iranians with many political opinions protest in unity against the violence by the regime against protesters in Iran.*** Iranian unionist Mansour Osaloo tells what happened to his family *** Teacher, artists and poet Lina Abojaradeh speaks at the Palestine Museum US in Connecticut *** protest in London calling for the freeing of Julian Assange *** program #826

TV Show "The Rise-Ups Continue"

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*** starting with photos of Yale and Harvard students staging a climate protest in the middle of the Yale-Harvard football game *** the protest in Duchess County, NY against a "Cricket Valley Electricity" plant that will send 6 million tons of CO2 into the air each year *** rise-ups, protests in Chile, and Iran **** Bella Ciao sung in Farsi to inspire Iranians *** Arabs of several countries demonstrate against Middle East tyranny in DC *** program #825

TV Show "One Eye Covered"

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Starting with the angry protest and march in NYC after the killing of over 30 people in the Gaza Strip *** Featuring the act of journalists and others putting a patch or hand over one eye in solidarity with Muath Amarneh after he was blinded in one eye by an Israeli bullet *** Iranian protests viciously put down by regime gunfire *** winners in the Promoting Enduring Peace meme contest against the proposed Killingly fracked gas power plant *** climate strikes coming Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 *** On Dec. 7 a Rohingya activist at Yale *** 350.org video *** Amal Murkus sings and Firas Zreik plays Palestinian music *** program #824

TV Show "Craig Corrie Talks about Gaza"

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starting with the latest Israeli killing spree including the horror of what they did to one family *** the death of James Le Mesurier *** a veteran's reply to Sen. Chris Murphy *** the Bolivia Crisis, a segment from Democracy Now! *** a rally in New Haven with a climate message to incoming Mayor Elicker *** program #823

TV Show "Resistance has Stopped the Erasure of Palestine"

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starting with Russian/Assad bombings of Syria *** SDF resistance to Turkish invasion, Ozge Aydin killed in battle *** 350 videos about attempt in court to sue oil companies for fraud *** Mark Braverman speaks at TOLEF conference on Palestine in Hartford *** Palestinian music played by Tamer Al Sahouri, Nadine Shomali, and Alber Baseel *** program #822

TV Show "Cindy Corrie Talks about the Path Ahead"

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*** featuring the mother of martyred activist Rachel Corrie speaking about Rachel and what needs to be done *** starting with a huge crowd in Chile singing a song by Victor Jara (killed by fascists in 1973) *** protests in Lebanon *** The lie that the economy is sound *** new study estimates triples the land in the world that will be lower than sea level in just 30 years *** program #821

TV Show "Fascism in America Today"

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Starting with a terrifying warning by top economist that the Amazon area could go over a tipping point in just two years *** Gov. Ned Lamont responds when asked if he'll cancel the proposed fracked gas Killingly power plant *** Christopher Vials, UCONN professor talks about fascism in America, its past and its present *** a few minutes of Democracy Now! coverage of massive protests in Lebanon ***program #820

TV Show "A Palestinian Looks Back"

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Featuring Ali Elissa talking in the Palestine Museum US. He reflects on Palestinian and American Indian struggles *** starting with mass protests in Lebanon ***SDF allows Assad forces into Rojava *** protests against Turkish attack in New York City and in *** South Bend, Indiana *** Meme contest continues to agitate against a new fracked gas plant in Connecticut *** Book launch Nov. 2 "Zionist Betrayal of Jews" *** part of Middle East Eye's interview with Mohammad Ali whose exposure of corruption spurred brave demonstrations in Egypt *** 80 year old rabbi attacked by mob of Palestinian haters *** program #819

TV Show "Turkey Attacks the Kurds"

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Vigil at Yale for Afghanistan *** Turkey launches aggression into Syria to attack Kurds *** Debbie Bookchin talks about Rojava on Democracy Now! *** Omar Barghouti threatened with expulsion *** typhoons, hurricanes and a contest to make a meme opposing a methane burning power plant in CT *** program #818

TV Show "Alaa Kidnapped from Jail by Police"

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Featuring Alaa Abd el Fattah, hero of the 2011 Egyptian uprising, taken while serving his nightly "probation" in a jail *** starting with Houthi claims of a big victory in Saudi Arabia *** kudos to Jeff Bezos for going tot he Istanbul vigil for Khashoggi *** the Climate Strikes in New Haven 9/20/19 and 9/25/19, march, remarks by several speakers, photos of the Yale strike led by Fossil Free Yale *** new meme against the plan to build a fracked gas plant in CT *** Amnesty International on the court approved torture by Israel of prisoners Samir Abeed *** a look at the apartheid run city of Hebron *** police kill protesters in Iraq *** notice of upcoming talk by Jason Stanley *** program #817

Israel kills Musab al-Tamimi in "clash" *** hypocrisy about charges against Ahed Tamimi *** Israeli use of skunk in Tamimi home town *** RPM.world news *** featuring part 2 of Mark Bray's talk at Wesleyan about his book "Antifa" *** program #726

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