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Older TV Shows on Youtube from 2018

TV Show: "No Coup!"

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starting with DN! video about Trump's attempted Venezuelan coup ***Stanley Heller talks about the failures of Chavez-Maduro *** the Women's Wave photos *** Israelis soldiers shoot "tear" gas into Palestinian ambualance *** Barbara Ehrenreich calls for TSA workers to go on strike *** Joyous Yellow Vests sing American pop song *** program #781

TV Show: "Teacher Strikes in Greece and LA"

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Teachers in Greece strike over lack of permanent hirings *** Los Angeles teachers walk out, first time in 30 years *** Sen. Sanders excellent tweet on Saudi Arabia *** Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun flees Saudi Arabia to Canada to escape family abuse and Saudi thought control *** J. Kehaulani Kauanui talks about Columbus Day *** program #780

TV Show: "Yes, There's an Emergency: The Climate"

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DN! footage and Stanley Heller comment about grave news about CO2 increase and global warming. *** Sudan protests continue, one march with 20,000, protests often union lead *** in the rain in Union Square, NYC protesters remind about Yemen *** solidarity with Iranian worker leader tortured in Iranian prison *** shut down is a #Trumpdown *** conclusion of the talk by Yale professor Jason Stanley "How Fascism Works". *** notice of upcoming March 16 NYC march against fascism *** program #779

TV Show: "Realize European Fascists Imitated the KKK"

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As Trump talks about declaring a "state of emergency" to get his wall, listen to Jason Stanley, author of "How Fascism Works". *** At the start of the program, floods in Syrian refugee camps *** protests of the war on Yemen at various UN missions in New York city *** comment about David Kirkpatricks' article talking about 14,000 Janajweed Sudanese doing the Saudi dirty work in Yemen *** segregated roads in Palestine/Israel *** Rashida Tlaib takes her seat in Congress wearing Palestinian thobe #TweeYourThobe went trending *** then the main part of Jason Stanley's talk in the R. L. Julia bookstore at Wesleyan ***program #778

TV Show: "Sudan Revolts"

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Starting with photos from nearly two weeks of demonstrations in Sudan against the al-Bashir dictatorship *** Brave Syrian protest in Daraa which had surrendered to Assad months ago *** Dylan Connor sings about Syria in Hartford *** In just a few sentences Miko Peled tells it like it is *** featuring the start of philosopher Jason Stanley's talk about his book "How Fascism Works" explaining why fascism is very much something a philosopher should discuss *** program #777

TV Show: "Don't Allow this Firing to Stand"

#StandWithBahia (47K)

Outrageous firing of Texas teacher Bahia Amawi for refusing to sign an oath give up her right to boycott *** Lara Kiswami on how people in the Bay Area took direct successful action during an Israeli attack *** Iranian workers demonstrate against withholding of their pay *** homeless in New Haven insist on a Homeless Person's Bill of Rights *** program #776

TV Show: "Yellow Vests Upend France"

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Tens of thousands marching for a month in France. Featuring excerpts about it from interviews with Richard Greeman and Richard Wolff *** program begins with good news about Senate vote on Saudi and Yemen *** latest killings in Palestine *** honoring two Syrian martyrs in Idlib, Dylan Connor, *** Amina Masri talking about the siege of Al Rukban *** program #775

TV Show: "Defend Marc Lamont Hill"

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CNN fired him, and his boss at Temple University wants to punish him for daring to say there should be equal rights "from the river to the sea" *** conclusion of Ruba Awadallah's talk in Madison about the mistreatment of Palestinian children by Israelis *** demo for Syria in Germany *** program #774

TV Show: "Mistreatment of Palestinian Children by Israel"

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Dylan Connor speaking and singing at the "Arts and the Syrian Revolt" event *** events to mark the murder of two Syrian heroes in Idlib *** breakthrough in Congress on Yemen *** questions reporters are not asking about Khashoggi murder *** protest in New Haven over use of CS gas against immigrants at U.S. border *** featuring Ruba Awadallah speaking about Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian children *** program #773

TV Show: "RIP to Two Syrian Heroes"

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Apparent al-Qaeda murder of two democratic leaders in Syria, Raed Fares and Hamoud Jneed, need to restore U.S. money to Fresh Radio *** Trump's statement to wash his hands of the Khashoggi murder *** Erendira Vanegas, Women’s Rights Program Coordinator, New Haven Leon Sister Cities Program, speaks about the uprising in Nicaragua this year and the repression *** program #772

TV Show: "Tormented Travel from Gaza"

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featuring Mohammed Eid speaking about the endless harassment Palestinians face even when they have the "permission" to leave Gaza*** starting with Gaza Palestinians claiming victory after Israeli commando raid *** a call to sign the petition for the return of Khashoggi's body *** Iran also "detains" bodies of the executed *** a rally against fascism in Poland *** ending with fall scenes from the New York Botanical Garden *** program #771

TV Show: "Just as Ghastly"

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starting with notice about Syria event in Fairfield, CT on Nov 16, 2018 *** "Just as Ghastly", Kathy Kelly's remark comparing what's happening to Yemeni children to the Saudi regime murder of Jamal Khashoggi *** In the Palestine Museum US unveiling of a mosaic to medic murdered by Israeli sniper *** more of Mohammed Eid's talk about Gaza and UNWRA *** *** program #770

TV Show: "Investigate UNH-Saudi Ties"

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As news of #SynagogueMassacre hits we call for an Anti-Hater Front *** Little known siege of Al Rukban camp in Syria is right near a U.S. military base #TrumpSendFood2Rukban *** Stanley Heller on Democracy Now talks about what's been uncovered about the University of New Haven and its ties to a Saudi police college *** protest in New Britain of police killing of a young man, car shot at 50 times *** program #768

TV Show: "Saudi Regime Has Gone Too Far"

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Even willingness of Trump to believe anything the Saudi prince says is not enough. A storm of anger is brewing in the U.S. after the Khashoggi murder *** starting with protests against the Saudis in Washington, DC *** featuring comments of noted Saudi dissident Ali Al-Ahmed on Democracy Now! *** Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s talk at the Gandhi Peace Award days after his firm won a HUGE settlement from Monsanto in the "Roundup" case

TV Show: "Start of the Nicaraguan Uprising"

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Featuring a talk by Gabriel Yarince Perez Setright about the months long protest in Nicaragua against the Daniel Ortega regime *** starting with a court decision in Israel against two New Zealand woman who wrote a letter to Lorde *** Tree of Life Fund events in CT Oct 17-21 (2018) *** program #766

TV Show: "Gaza Bleeds"

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Street theater in Portland, Maine dramatizes unending killing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip *** After 8 weeks Israel still won't release the supplies it seized from the Gaza boats it stopped *** BDS supporter wins Nobel Prize for physics *** efforts on the streets to prevent the confirmation of Kavanuagh *** audio of Frida Berrigan's talk at the Gandhi Peace Award *** program #765

TV Show: "Two Artists in Tribute to Jackson Browne"

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Featuring 3 songs by Luci Murphy and Ben Grosscup that were sung at the start of the Gandhi Peace Award 2018 (Jackson Browne was honored) *** starting with Yale law students solidarity with Dr. Christine Blaisey Ford and calls for an independent investigation *** solidarity protests with Idlib, Syria Sept 2018 *** B'tselem video of thousands of olive trees destroyed by Israeli settlers *** a brief tour of the Red Square museum/studio of Mike Alewitz in New London, CT *** upcoming program about Palestinian children Oct 19 in Madison CT *** program 764

TV Show: "Hartford Remembers Hurricane and Maria"

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March and rally of about 150 people in Hartford, CT marking the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico. Protest of lack of help from the U.S. government *** interviews with marchers Jason Ortiz and Janette Hernandez *** rallies in Idlib, Syria showing strength of revolution *** another sniper murder in Gaza *** Shane Bauer on U.S. private prisons today and in the past *** a lookback at Occupy, TSVN video from 2011 *** program 763

TV Show: "Defiance in Idlib, Syria"

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Israeli government won't let Gandhi Peace Award winner Omar Barghouti attend his mother's funeral *** 3 more sniper killings in Gaza *** defiance, mass rallies in Idlbi Syria *** natural gas explosion in Massachusetts suggests a new gas plant in Bridgeport would be a folly, *** Democracy Now covers protest of California governor Jerry Brown's climate summit *** program #762

TV Show: "Saudi/U.S. Bus Bombing in Yemen"

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creative protests against bomb makers involved in the Saudi-U.S. war against Yemen took place in St. Louis, Syracuse, and *** photos of protest in Idlib, Syria, the next target for Assad's murderous conquest #SaveIdlib *** Democracy Now! coverage of the nationwide prison strike *** remembering David McReynolds, an interview from 2017 *** Gandhi Peace Award coming Sept 14 in New Haven *** program #760

TV Show: "The Terrible Question"

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Starting with the second part of the interview with Dylan Connor who traveled to Jordan to aid Syrian refugees. *** In Palestine the Israeli government allows mail to be delivered that it had held back 8 years *** Israeli police use "skunk" on ultra-Orthodox draft resisters and supporters *** popular efforts get ICE to put deportation of Salma Sikandar on hold *** program #759

TV Show: "In the 'Free Zone' of Jordan, Helping Syrians"

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Featuring the first part of an interview with Dylan Connor, a CT man who went to Jordan to help Syrian refugees *** starting with a well-deserved flop for the Alt-Right. Anti-Fascists outnumbered them in Washington overwhelmingly, video of ISO contingent among them *** group of people in New Haven hold signs protesting the school bus bombing in Saada, Yemen in which 44 boys were killed *** program #758

TV Show: "Taking on the Fascists in DC"

alt right delete (93K)
Groups mobilize to stop the nazi-klan from terrifying and beating people in Washington, DC *** Saudi-U.S. "We bombed a bus full of kids *** Ellen Hansson about her arrest by Israel for the "crime" of trying to bring medical goods to Gaza *** Michael Mann and Michael Brune on how the California fires are the face of what's to come from mindless use of fossil fuel *** program #757

TV Show: "Homecoming for Heroes"

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Nariman and Ahed Tamimi released from prison *** painters of Ahed Tamimi mural expelled from Palestine *** Captured Gaza Flotilla crew and passengers brutalized *** the winner of the Gandhi Peace Prize 2018 announced *** Q and A with Molly Crabtree about the book she co-authored on Syria. WARNING she scorches an "anti-imperialist" *** program #756

TV Show: "Crunch Time for Gaza Freedom Flotilla"

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the Flotilla is a day or two from Gaza, it needs publicity and support *** starting with news about the wildfires in Greece and how cutbacks in the Fire Department made things worse *** brief interview with Australian journalist on the "Al Awda" *** 90 White Helmets rescued, others trapped ***more of Molly Crabapple's book launch of "Brothers of the Gun" May 2018 *** program #755

TV Show: "Molly Crabapple 'Brothers of the Gun'"

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starting with news of 7/17/18 about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla leaving very soon from Palermo to Gaza *** featuring artist and journalist Molly Crabapple talking about the book she co-authored with Marwan Hisham, photos from her Brooklyn Library exhibit *** death in Assadist prison of award winning Palestinian photographer *** an answer to some lies about Gaza Palestinians and Hamas *** program #754

TV Show: "Bella Ciao Gaza"

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Many segments on Palestine, attempts to prevent Israel from destroying the Palestinian Beduin village of Khan al Ahmar , a soldier's glee as he shoots a Palestinian, Gaza boat seized trying to LEAVE Gaza, Gaza Flotilla 2018 now in Naples *** Congress may pay anti-BDS bill *** a thought from Yemen *** Susan Aboueid at "Homecoming" *** program #753

TV Show: "Rally - No Muslim Ban, Ever"

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featuring a protest in Hartford CT after the Supreme Court gave it's OK to Trump's ban on immigration and travel from Syria, Yemen and other Muslim countries *** starting with Syrians fleeing Daraa trying to get inside Jordan #OpenTheBorders *** Baqee rally in DC against the Saudi regime *** at TOLEF "Homecoming" Lynn Mason, a unionist who traveled to Palestine *** program #752

TV Show: "Mazin Qumsiyeh at 'Homecoming'"

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featuring the start of Mazin Qumsiyeh's remarks at the "Homecoming" event at the Tree of Life Education Fund in CT June 2018 *** staring with comments about the big loss for unions and working people at the hands of Trump's Supreme Court *** protest in New Haven holding posters in honor of jailed Saudi feminists *** posters of Palestinians killed in the #GreatMarchOfReturn *** bitter news in Syria *** photo of massive march in Sanaa *** program #751 ***program #751

TV Show: "No Sniper Rifles to Israel"

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starting with the "Walk of Protest" to the Sturm Ruger Co in Southport, CT *** depraved youth taunt Hussein Dawabsha, grandfather of infant burned alive in Israeli terror attack *** speakers at the Tree of Life "Homecoming" Bayan Mansour, Susan Aboeid *** Peter Tatchell arrested in Moscow for talking about mistreatment of Chechen gays *** photos of activists who picketed talk by Seymour Hersh over his Syria misreporting *** part of our interview with Dan La Botz on Nicaragua ***program #750

TV Show: "Thousands to Demonstrate in DC Against Saudi Regime"

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Mazin Qumsiyeh appearing at the Palestine Museum US *** upcoming protest of Ruger sales to Israel *** Featuring rally coming up in DC on June 22 to protest the Saudi Regime *** more of protest in Hartford about splitting families and killings of immigrants by border patrol *** program #749

TV Show: "The 'Liberty' Tries to Break Out of Gaza"

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Featuring the attempt to have a boat LEAVE Gaza with sick and wounded Palestinians May 2018 *** Medic Razan al-Najjar murdered by Israeli sniper *** Mohammad Homada dies from injuries *** Ann Wright talks about the 2014 attempted break-out out Gaza and the boats trying to get into Gaza this July 2018 *** protest in Hartford by people outraged at the murders of immigrants by border police and the practice of separating children from captured parents *** program #748

TV Show: "War Makes Poverty"

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Starting with the bombshell news that the death toll from Hurricane Maria was vastly higher than thought *** Beyond Extreme Energy on the myth of benefits of "natural gas" *** Palestine: Israeli govt minister threatens extermination in Gaza *** featuring the Poor Peoples Campaign, rally and civil disobedience in Hartford, CT, Bishop John Selders, Pamela Selders, Rev. Steven Jungkeit *** Syria panels at the Left Forum *** program #747

TV Show: "Protest in Qalandia and Huwara"

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Featuring reports from Qalandia checkpoint and Huwara (near Nablus) in the West Bank - protests 5/14/18 and 5/15 [reporter Abraham Weizfeld] ***Doctors Without Borders report from Gaza several weeks into the #GreatMarchOfReturn *** protest of Israel in Grand Central Terminal NYC *** murder of 4 White Helmets in Syria *** Saudi arrests of womens' rights activist *** program #746

TV Show: "Bloodbath in Gaza and Protest"

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Sherif Abdel Kouddous in Gaza right where people were killed *** protests in Yemen, Tel Aviv, New York City, New Haven **** speakers in Stanley Heller, Stephen Kobasa, John Fussell, Rev.David Good, protest at Congresswoman DeLauro's office *** program #745

TV Show: "Kings Bay Plowshares Sacrifice"

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featuring an interview with Stephen Kobasa about the people who went to Kings Bay, Georgia to symbolically "hammer" nuclear weapons at the sub base there *** starting with another outrage against the Dawabsha family in Douma, Palestine *** interview of a Puerto Rican activist, Armando Pacheco, on Mayday 2018 *** photos of the #CountMeIn construction worker protest May 10 in Manhattan *** program #744

TV Show: "Yale Protest of Killing of Gaza Palestinians"

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Featuring the Yale/New Haven protests of Israeli killing and maiming in Gaza *** verdict given in case of persecuted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour *** the fate of a Syrian hospital in Hawa ***signs at Mayday in Union Square, Manhattan, NYC *** two women from Puerto Rico describe the situation there *** program #743

TV Show: "The False Promise of Natural Gas"

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Featuring Sierra Clubs' Martha Klein *** Ben Grosscup's song "This Changes Everything" ***Starting with the arrest of 14 people from Jewish Voice for Peace protesting Sen. Shumer for his silence about Gaza *** anti-war protest in Chicago reminds bystanders of massacres in Syria *** from Democracy Now! gross mistreatment of Filipino activist and a glimpse a memorial for victims of lynchings. *** Program #742 *** program #742

TV Show: "The U.S. Wants to PRESERVE the Assad Regime"

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featuring Syrians Ramah Kudaimi of the Syria Solidarity Collective in DC and Yazan Al-Saadi, a researcher based in Beirut. Also Pakistani Moazzam Begg. *** starting with updates on Israeli repression of the #GreatReturnMarch *** repression of anti-Zionist Jews in Jerusalem on March 15, 2018 *** song "Sacrifice Zone" by Ben Grosscup singing at 350ct event in Feb. 2018 *** program #741

TV Show: "Woman from Aleppo Describes Start of the Uprising"

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Featuring Ahed Festuk who is from Aleppo talking about the protests there in 2011 *** starting with questions about Ruger rifles and Israel *** a protest of the killing of Gaza Palestinians in front of the office of Congressman John Larson *** Anne Hendrixson talling about the "populationism" unfounded fears of population increase and how its used against immigrants.

TV Show: "Protesting a Politician's Silence Over Gaza"

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featuring details about the Land Day Massacre in Gaza and a protest of Congresswoman DeLauro in New Haven *** leave a message for her 24/7 at (202) 225-3661 *** Report Back from the Tree of Life Educational Fund trip to Palestine earlier in 2018: Ghoufran Allababidi, Bishop John Selders, Rev. Steven Jungkeit *** Shelly Altman *** Reza Mansoor *** note on collapse of deal for African refugees in Israel ****** program #739

TV Show: "Rallies Show Disgust with Prince Salman"

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Wretched Israeli Apartheid soldiers kill over a dozen in Gaza*** March for Our Lives in Shelton, CT a city near Newtown *** Featuring the protest of Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia as his regime wars on Yemen for the 4th continuous years *** speeches and march in Wall St., New York as Salman tries to peddle Aramco stock and to get Wall St. to pay for other Saudi project *** program 738

TV Show: "Still in Solidarity After 7 Bitter Years"

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Bombs blast Eastern Ghouta *** featuring NYC rally for Syria on 7th anniversary of start of the uprising *** singer Dylan Connors song for Syria *** Congress' vote on Sanders bill to stop Salman's Yemen war *** Alexis Rodriquez at 350ct conference speaks about Puerto Rico *** Naomi Klein about solar power in one Puerto Rican Village *** orchids of the New York Botanical Garden *** program #737

TV Show: "As Ghouta is Butchered"

image for show 736 (53K)
Assad/Russia attacks Ghouta, Syria *** Avaaz suggests a boycott of the World Cup Moscow *** will Bernie Sanders bill on the Yemen War be sabotaged?*** Democracy Now! report on student walkout over the flood of guns *** Stanley Heller suggests the number of police with guns be reduced, too *** featuring Sean Sweeney on the need for communal renewable power*** March 26, 2018 next court date for Vic Lancia *** program #736

TV Show: "Rally for Puerto Rico in Hartford"

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featuring a Hartford CT rally for Puerto Rico (interviews with Jaon Ortiz and Maritza Stanchic) *** billboards for Ahed Tamimi and news about the mistreatment of her cousin and his "confession" *** interview with Ahmad Khansour, a Syrian under siege in Ghouta *** a Native-American victory in Kalamazoo, MI *** program #735

TV Show: "Sanders Bill Would End Saudi-US War on Yemen"

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Sen. Bernie Sanders comes out against U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen *** StopTheWar.US ad against Yemen war features Mark Ruffalo*** Rabyaah Althaibani speaks on Yemen at Stony Point Center *** protest of Russian bombing of Syria near NYC Russian Mission to the U.N. *** Tear gas bombs hurt journalist/activist at Ofer prison rally in Palestine *** program #734

TV Show: "Time is Not on Yemen's Side"

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Featuring Kathy Kelly at the forum on the war against Yemen at Stony Point New York 2/15/18. Kelly explains the wars origins, Saudi and UAE horrors, Houthi human rights violations and U.S. culpability *** As bombardment of Eastern Ghouta reaches a new level of depravity some protest *** idea for campaign against Russian airlines while Russia bombs Syria *** more of Professor Alexis Dudden's comments at the Promoting Enduring Peace teach-in *** Mildred Guzman talks about what she saw in Puerto Rico *** program #733

TV Show: "War is Out of the Question - Need New Ideas on Korea "

image for show 732 korea teach-in2 (36K)
featuring Alexis Dudden, Professor of History at the University of Connecticut, speaking at a teach-in entitled "Expand the Truce - No War in Korea" Feb. 11, 2018. Also Stanley Heller speaks about Korea and how they fought in 1950 *** signs and chanting at the rally on Korea *** starting with the shooting of Palestinian Khalid Walid Jamil Tayeh *** Military judge bars media from courtroom during trial of teenager Ahaed Tamimi *** program #732

TV Show: "Media Waking Up to Israel's Plans for Africans"

image for show 731b (60K)
*** media waking up to disgrace of expulsions of Africans *** section of audio interview with Korea expert Alexis Dudden (at teach-in 2/11 in New Haven) *** taxi driver kills self in protest of Uber destroying his livelihood *** Cornel West on Black History Month *** program #731

TV Show: "Activists Hope to Expand the 'Olympic Truce'"

olympic truce (19K)
activists plan events to advance Korea peace measures. *** Dr. David Wright interviewed, explains we almost had settlement with North Korea in 2000 *** Israel hires people to hunt down Africans *** Ahed Tamimi spends 17th birthday in prison *** announcement in police shooting of Jayson Negron *** from Democracy Now the facts about the gang MS 13 that the immigrant haters don't want you to know *** program #730

TV Show: "Netanyahu Would Expel Africans to Be Killed or Tortured"

back to killers (87K)
Featuring coverage of protest by African asylum seekers inside Israel trying to convince Israeli PM Netanyahu government to cancel plans to expel of 35,000 to central Africa where they go back to a trail that will lead them to be killed or trafficked *** the Women's march in Hartford *** fascist violence in Greece *** Upcoming anti-fascist educational events in Hartford and New Britain, CT*** program #729

TV Show: "Nuclear War Folly"

Ellsberg and missile on DN (38K)
featuring nuclear war planner Daniel Ellsberg from his recent Democracy Now! interview *** starting with African refugees in Israel that the government wants to expel *** news about Ahed Tamimi and video of her in 2015 *** sit-in at Steny Hoyer's office, interview with Malachy Kilbride *** salute to Korean leaders defying U.S. pressure for war *** Mark Bray talks about the violence at the 2017 inauguration *** program #728

TV Show: "Flash Mobs Demand Israel Release the Tamimis"

image for show 727 (193K)
Creative tactics to publicize Israeli persecution of the Tamimi family of Nabi Saleh *** Norman Finkelstein's devastating remarks on Israeli society and on his new book on the martyrdom of Gaza ** rescue in Syria *** 2nd Day of Rage for Syria *** conclusion of Mark Bray's talk about his book "Antifa" *** program #727

TV Show: "Anti-Fascist Actions"

image for show 726b (145K)
Israel kills Musab al-Tamimi in "clash" *** hypocrisy about charges against Ahed Tamimi *** Israeli use of skunk in Tamimi home town *** RPM.world news *** featuring part 2 of Mark Bray's talk at Wesleyan about his book "Antifa" *** program #726

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