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Press Release "Return the Remains"

Petition: "Return the Remains of Jamal Khashoggi to His Family"

Calling on Teacher Unions NEA and AFT to support
Teacher Fired for Defending Right to BDS

Let's Get Unions to Support Teacher Fired Over BDS - article by Stanley Heller

New Haven Homeless Demand Homeless Person's Bill of Rights

A Jewish Letter to Trevor Noah
(and any other "Star" Raising $$ for the ADL)

The Khashoggi Killing, CT Colleges and Links to Saudi Arabia

#SolidarityWithJews, but Keep those Israeli Apartheid Flags at Home

where is khashoggi's body2 (9K)

no justice no seat (46K)
Thousands March in NYC Against Kavanaugh

How Syrians are Rolling Back Extremism in Idlib Peacefully

100 Sign Letter Insisting U.N. Take Action on Syria

Loubna Mrie "The Battle for Idlib will Be Soaked in Blood"

TSVN Interviews with the Late Uri Avnery

Interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh who had been aboard the Al-Awda

Hundreds of White Helmets Escape Assad Meatgrinder

Bill Directed Against "Masked" Anti-Fascist Defenders of Liberty

Freedom Flotilla 2018: Brave Passengers Tasered, Arrested

Sample Letter to Send to Political Leaders "Investigate Ruger"

Tens of Thousands of Syrians Appeal to Jordan to Open the Border

Protest at Ruger Gun Factory in Fairfield

s_q_palestine_sm (21K)
Two Lives in One Day - Salam Qumsiyeh

Remembering Gale Courey Toensing

This Didn't Start with a Slap - Background about the Tamimi's and Nabi Saleh

gaza boat surrounded (143K)
May 29, Israeli warships surround Gaza Boats Trying to Bring out Wounded... Background

Groups/Notables who Signed Open Letter
to the Celebs Who Met with Salman

Is there a Connection between Ruger Rifles
and the #GreatReturnMarch Sniper Killings?

MECC Resolution on Syria
After the Assad Chemical Attacks

headline cruel campaign t expel (23K)

Israeli Kills 16 in One Day,
Massive Injuries, Land Day Massacre 2.0

Over 800,000 Sign Petition to Protest Russian Bombing
by Boycotting World Games

Shame the World Food Program Into Action over Syria Sieges

Video of the Talks in Bridgeport about the TOLEF Palestine Trip

BDS Movement Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

State of CT Sharply Increases Investments in Israel
Write to Treasurer Nappier About it

Petition: Over 1.7 Millions Say "Free Ahed Tamimi",
Girl Who Slapped Soldier and Told Him to Get Out of Her Town

Popular Protest Growing in Iran

Did Netanyahu Ban 200,000 Jews and Supporters from Israel?

First the Israeli Army Took his Legs, Then his Life - Gideon Levy

A Letter to a Disappeared Wife, Disappeared Dec. 9 2013 with the Others of Douma 4

Petition: New York Times: Suspend Thomas Friedman Over Saudi Propaganda

RPM Adopts Resolution: No War in Lebanon
Calls on Hezbollah to Leave Syria and Protect Lebanon

RPM Adopts Resolution: Condemn Assad for Using Sarin and for his Sieges

Countries defy U.S. and Condemn Trump Blackmail on Jerusalem

What We've Done in 2017...A Look Back and an Appeal

Soldiers Beat Palestinians Protesting Trump Announcement

to keep netanyahu out of jail (33K)

Anti-Semite Balfour Didn't Want Jewish State, Just a Bigger British Empire

They Tell University to Stop Helping Train Saudi Police

Besieged in Homs Prison in Syria, 500 Go on Hunger Strike

ACLU to Support Kansas Teacher Defiance of Anti-BDS Pledge

Anti-Semitism That NYT's Bret Stephens is Ignoring

Video of Demonstration Against Increased Israeli Repression

Nassau, Long Island Politicians Want Roger Waters Banned

#GazaUnlocked, a Social Media Action Tuesday, July 18

Of Course He's Syrian

Seymour Hersh's Latest Denial of an Assadist Sarin Attack

Gaza a State of Humanitarian Shock- Sara Roy

Vile Threats against Professor Johnny Williams and Trinity College

As Abbas/Israel Cuts Electricty,
Haaretz Columnist Warns of New Massacre Being Readied for Gaza

no stones no riot Huwara (40K)
No stones, no riot, settler merely stopped

The Papers Get the Huwara Killing All Wrong

About the So-Called Admissions by Clinton and Biden

What the Hunger Strikers Won

10 Reasons Trump Should Not Strengthen U.S.-Saudi Ties - Medea Benjamin

Senators Introduce Resolution #40 to Restrict Missiles Going to Saudi Princes

Comments and a Wicked Cartoon about Abbas Meeting with Trump

image of local 33 march (61K)
Thousands March in New Haven to Support Local 33

An Expert Does Q. and A. about the Prisoners' Strike

may day block (42K)
Mayday New Haven Video

Former U.S. Intelligence Agents Try to Explain Away Latest Assad Chemical Atrocity

White Helmets Responding to the "False Flag" Doubters

Hundreds Call for Israel to Restore Omar Barghouti Travel Rights       Background

Palestinian Children from Refugee Camp to Dance Debka in CT

people want fall of the regime banner (51K)
Rally in DC Celebrates Start of 7th Year of Revolution in Syria

Almost 200 Write to Senator Murphy about anti-BDS Bill

Senators, Oppose this Bill that Would Infringe on our Right to Support BDS

Don't Be Fooled by Gabbard's Bill. It's Really "Crush the White Helmets"

The Amnesty Report on Mass Hangings in Syria       Answering British Ambassador Ford

The Bodega Strike of Yemenis, Feb. 2 in Brooklyn

A Dozen Videos of the 1,000 People Protesting for Muslim Immigrants at Bradley Airport

Youtubes of New Haven on J20 and NYC Women's March

Poem Read for Prisoners in Syria at Event on Jan. 15

The Assads and the Palestinians Over the Years

As Free Aleppo is Crushed, Support for Syrians Still Must Go On

A Sharp Critique of an Assad Supporting Panel in New Haven

Anti-Palestinian Definition of Anti-Semitism Fails in U.S., Adopted in the UK

Two CT Mosques Threatened with Hate Mail

Bill Endangers Free Speech Rights of Students Who Talk about Israel

In a Rational World This Would Sink the "Anti-Semitism Awareness" Nonsense Act

Forest Fires: Zionists Planted Pine After Destroying Native Towns - M. Qumsiyeh

CODEPINK challenges AIRBnB - Ashton Kutcher Defends

Anti-Semitism "OK" if You're Also Pro-Israel Gideon Levy

False Fears That Defying Putin Will Bring on World War

Still Necessary to Tweet about Douma, Syria

Video of Rally Against Anti-Black and Anti-Indian Racist "Calhoun College"

Scores of Palestinians Create Open Letter on Syria

A Year After the Arrest of Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour

front of Blumenthal about Saudi (54K)
Senators Back Saudi Killing        Some Senators Took Defense Contractor Money and and Voted

Bashar-Assad-King-Abdulla-Saudi-arabia-2010b (24K)
Misunderstanding Saudi Interventions

Controversial Peace Council Visit to Syria and Meeting with Assad

Crappy Journalism about Saudi Arabia and ISIS

"End the Sieges, Protect the Syrian People",
Heller Column, New Haven Register

New York Times Calls for Halt in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

The West Cannot Stand Back - Janine DiGiovanni

nader-and-barghouti-520x330 (32K)

Omar Barghouti and Ralph Nader to Receive Gandhi Peace Award

Obama Follows Putin's Lead in Syria

Next Act in the Witchhunt against Ken Livingstone

BDS Resolution Loses in Razor Thin Vote in Anthropological Association

Medea Benjamin "Planning for the Next Memorial Day"

Avaaz Petition: World Leaders: Refugees are Welcome in Our Countries

Video of Revive the Peace Movement network at the Left Forum 2016

rpm-red (8K)

Brenner Speaks about Mayor Ken Livingston Witch Hunt

Tell Sec. Kerry. Tell Israel to Allow Omar Barghouti to Travel

Democracy Now Comes Through and Interviews Syrian Yasser Munif

President Obama Can Help Save Saudi Youth Facing Beheading - Medea Benjamin

Amputation Common as No Doctors Left in Yarmouk Camp

New Haven Register Report on our Yale Law School, Yemen Protest

CT Petition to Support Sen. Murphy on Call to Stop Arming Saudis

aunt of akai demands justice (14K)
Aunt of Akai Gurley Demands Justice

Groups Praise Senator Murphy's Call to Suspend Arms Sales to Saudis

stop saudi war march 26 nyc (79K)
Video of NYC Protest March 26

Things You Can Do About Yemen as the Saudi-U.S. War
Nears its One Year Anniversary

Five Reasons Why Presidential Candidates Should Not Speak at AIPAC

After 5 years in Moadamiyeh the People Still Scream "Freedom"

syria 5 years uprising_2 (54K)

Syria, Five Years After Uprising Against the Assad Dictatorship

"Powerless and Purposeless" - E.J. Nabi and Laila Atshan

Turkish Party Call for End of Massacre in Sur

Senate Democrat Says It's Time To Cut Off Support
For Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen

NBC National News Gripping Video of Siege in Moadamiyeh, Syria

Political Stagnation, Youth Frustration and the Recent Protests - E.J. Nabi

Starvation Death of Malik Assad in Madaya Feb. 1 Looking is the Least We Can Do

Hunger Striking Palestinian Journalist Can No Longer Speak - EI
Letter Calling for Airdrops of Food and Medicine to Syria in New York Times

United Nations, Air drop Food to Starving Syrians Under Siege

drop food2 (30K)

MECC's Open Letter to Congress - Hold Public Meeting on Saudi in Every District

Where MECC Stands on Syria            New Articles in Syria Archive

Charlie Hebdo embodies liberal Islamophobia Sam Charles Hamad

About the Report that Assad will Let Food into Madaya

palestinian prisoner slated for Saudi Execution (39K)

Palestinian Prisoner Slated for Saudi Execution - Will Obama/Kerry Even Notice?

Sheikh Nimr4 (31K)
saudi bloodbath headline (14K)

free frame of video stabbing photo sm (34K) Israeli Fascists Stab Picture of Burned Baby at Wedding Celebration

A Reply to Kyle Orton in the New York Times - Sam Charles Hamad

Two Palestinians Killed Outside the Home Where She was Staying - Video Interview

RZaitouneh (41K)
Two Years Ago Syrian Razan Zaitouneh Abducted

Defend U.S. Unions from Israeli Government Attack

Hysteria Over Syrian Refugees

Ann Wright - Will Obama Give Israel Even More Money to Kill Palestinians?

Connecticut Union Federation Calls on AFL-CIO to Support BDS

Netanyahu, Do you REALLY Want to Bring up the '30's and '40's?
Lenni Brenner Interview... Youtube ... Podcast

Audio Interview - Mobs and Soldiers Attack Palestinians

Audio Interview - In Weeks Amer Jubran's Appeal May be Decided

Audio Interview - Kathy Kelly on Afghanistan and Kunduz Bombing

Take Action to Prevent this Execution and Crucifixion

Update: Petition to Tell Obama Not to Give Israel $45 Billion in Military Over 60,000

stop genocide banner sm (74K)
photo: Ben Norton

Video of Rally Against Saudi (U.S.) Attack on Yemen

Attorneys Say Jubran "Confession" Obtained Through Torture - Take Action

Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy - Medea Benjamin

On the 33rd Anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila Massacre
What I Asked the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon

end saudi us logo3 (43K)
New Campaign - End the Saudi-U.S. Alliance

Tell CT Treasurer/Politicians "Divest from Israeli Bonds/Stocks"

Connecticut's Israel Exposure

UE convention3 (48K)
First National U.S. Union Joins in BDS

Iranian Exile Interview, The Deal, The Regime YouTube

Over 64,000 Ask for Netanyahu's Arrest When He Comes to Britain

Syrian Government Airstrike Kills Over 82 in a Market

Shameful...Russia Delivers New Jets to Assad Regime

hes-spending-big_sm (36K)
Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign to Destroy Obama Iran Deal

netanyahu wants us to make war on iran2 (48K)

Second Victim of Terrorist Burning Dies in Duma

march_rally_newark1 (94K)

Newark, July 25, Rally/March Against Police Brutality and Economic Inequality

Hey, New York! Is it Safe to Put a Methane Pipeline Near Indian Point Nuclear Power?

Medea Benjamin on the Flotilla 7/1/15       TSVN Interviews Ann Wright

Portrait of Greg Williams (Who Protested Friends of the IDF) in New Haven Register

Over a Thousand Sign Petition for Westport Protesters          Donate for Legal Defense

July 15 Interview with Spathis in Athens about Syriza Capitulation and Strike

dror if you see (57K)
#SOSfreedomflotilla Dror Feiler, passenger of Freedom Flotilla III

Today, July 9, Send a BDS Message to CT Treasurer Nappier

Split Among Democrat Leaders - Nearly Half Say Israel "Racist"        Mondoweiss Piece

BDS Resolution Passes Overwhelmingly at the UCC General Synod

new gaza flotilla (73K)
Interview with Spokesperson for Freedom Flotilla 3 - Drone is Over the Boats

Solidarity with Greece a Week from the Referendum - Memes

Freedom Flotilla Boat Captured - Passengers/Crew Still Imprisoned

MECC Endroses Newark March in July Against
Police Brutality, Racism and Economic Inequality

Video of "The Syrian Tragedy: Failure of the Left and the Need for a Movement of Solidarity"

hartford blm june 8 (95K)
Video of Hartford Black Lives Matter Protest **** Arrests

video of our saudi panel left forum 2015 (37K)
Our Panel on Extremist Saudi Arabia at the 2015 Left Forum

Friends of IDF Fail to Deny Yale Degree to Activist Over Westport Protest

Cases of Two Arrested in Westport Continued to July 21

climate march on stairs (38K)
Connecticut Climate March - May 31

Medea Benjamin on Korea DMZ Peace Attempt - JeJu Island

What Happened to the Humanitarian Aid Ship to Yemen - Audio Interview Tighe Barry

Obama Meets the Gulf Billionaires - Medea Benjamin

In Truthdig Heller Calls Out Blumenthal on Iran

Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, #Fail - Stanley Heller - New Haven Register

no nukes3 (54K)
Peace and Planet - Against Nuclear Weapons

The Censored Mural That's Too "Hot" for the 1%

turkey recognize3 (48K)
NYC March to Remember the 1915 Genocide of Armenians

Punished with Three Years in Prison for Blocking a Door at Berkeley

Armenian Genocide of 1915 Divides U.S. Muslims

Armenian Genocide Started 4/24/1915...Killers Not Punished Just Like U.S. Killers of Iraqis 1990-2003

Video of Solidarity Walk for Yarmouk

Despite all the Atrocities the Syrian Revolution is Still Alive - Interview Yasser Munif

Israel Demands "Anywhere, Anytime" Inspections of Iran (But Not of Israeli Nuclear Facilities)

al-ahmed (5K)
U.S. and Sudanese War Criminals Join Saudi Arabia in Attack on Yemen Interview

gaza after attack2 (37K)
Gaza Six Months After the Attack - Video

NYT Reporter Claims Saudi Arabia will "Step Up" Effort to Make Nuclear Bomb

Israeli Help for al-Qaeda

600 at Jewish Voice for Peace Baltimore Meeting - Videos

U.S. Withdraws Its Military Forces from Yemen Leaving $500M Weapons

banner2 we can't breathe2 (35K)
After the Greek Election Forum NYC

Video - Conference of Activists Leading Fight Against Nuclear Destruction - March 1

yusuf (16K)
March 19 - One Year After the Unpunished Murder of Yusuf Shawamreh

Netanyahu Before Congress, the Lies, #SkiptheSpeech and John Stewart's Satire

An Indian is Not a Mascot - Change the Mascot in North Haven, CT

Over 280 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Forces in February

Amer Juban on Trial in Jordan for Terrorism

Interview with Rachel Corrie's Parents
"Israel Court Decides Its Soldiers Above International Law"    Podcast        You Tube

Heller "Forum" Article on Saudi Arabia in the New Haven Register

after the climate march forum2 (61K)
Video - After the People's Climate March Egyptian Blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah Given 5 Years by by Sisi Coup Regime

MECC Opposes Call for Declaration of War in Iraq, and Syria

Kayla2 (35K)
International Solidarity Movement Honors Kayla Mueller, Hostage Killed by IS

Protest the Crushing Deaths of Workers at Checkpoints

"Flogging for Blogging" - Official Saudi Policy - Medea Benjamin
Kristof's Article on the Lashing and Heller Comment      Graphics for Use

Palestinian Workers at the Israeli Checkpoints - Photos, Articles and Video Charlie Hebdo, Saudi Arabia and a Criticism of the U.S. Left

Two Telephone Interviews as Syriza Wins in Greece-
Interview with Ioanna Gutas in Athens
       Our Archive on Greece

Statement by French Jews - "The Trap for Jews"

Interview with Richard Greeman in France - The Paris Massacre and the Real Situation for French Muslims and French Jews

Three Points About the Attack on Paris

US Muslim Responses to Massacre in France

War Crimes and Atrocities - Dr. Jamshid Marvasti -Journal of Psychohistory

How Palestinians are Kept Off of 93% of the Land

As the Israeli Government Seeks to Defy its High Court - Our Interview with David Sheen

Five Year Old Palestinian Shot in Face
Warning - Bloody Picture

2014year27 (49K)
2014 The Year in Pictures

Remember C.I.A. Torture Ended Up Killing Hundreds or Thousands of U.S. Soldiers

Landslide Vote for BDS by United Auto Workers Local

"Why Does the U.S. Support Israel's 'Jim Crow' Government?"
Published in New Haven Register

New archive - Greece - A Nation Fed up with Austerity and about to Take a Leap

abdullah hasan2 (23K)

Brave Speakers Talk about the Horror House that is Egypt

Medea Benjamin - Hagel's Departure Should Open Debate on Obama's Wars

We Go Over 1,000,000 Views on Our You Tube Channels

Photos and Interview - Demonstrations Break Out over Rasmea Odeh Conviction

sahar3 (28K)
15 Videos of the Tree of Life Conference

Not Only U.S. Used Nazis, So Incredibly Israelis Did Too - Interview Shraga Elam

Tomas Young Dies after a Decade of Agony, Injured Iraq War Vet and Protester
Tomas-Young3 (19K) TomasYoung2 (24K)

Too Embarrassing for the Jerusalem Post

Amnesty Intl Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Treasurer's Office Rejects Groups' Plea to Cancel Israel Investments

berlin wall israel wall2 (227K)
Interview: Judge Won't Let Rasemea Say Her Confession Was Forced Under Torture

Sodastream To Pull Out of West Bank...Claims BDS Not Reason

Palestinian-American Shot to Death by Israeli Soldier

Groups Send Letter to CT Treasurer Calling for Divestment from Israel

Solidarity with Kurds Under Attack

No One Can Be an Israeli

just because headline (5K)

tolef-children-2014 (41K)
Tree of Life Conferences Continue

climate anti-war protest2 bport oct 15 (95K)
Obama Cancelled, but Banners Raised Along Lafayette Blvd.

stop the wars stop the warming2 (60K)

Climate Convergence 23 Videos of NYC Program

Miko Peled Salutes Palestinian Resistance after Receiving an Award

Russell Tribunal Considers "Genocide Charge"

Our Answer to Obama's Latest War Speech
Video Response by MECC Chairperson Heller

prof-steven-salaita-fired-for-israel-criticism-middle-east-monitor2 (52K)
Trustees Refuse to Hire Prof. Steven Salaita       Support Salaita

salaita (17K)
If Salaita's Tweet was so Bad, What about Mark Twain?     

Good for You Charles Blow, Oppose More U.S. War

shame on delauro3 (180K)
Photos and Video of Picket at DeLauro Office

Video of Peoples Climate March, Sept 21 New York City

Interview at NYC Protest for Maryam, Jailed Bahraini Activist...9/5/2014

Maryam al-Khawaja, Outstanding Human Rights Activist, has Been Jailed and is on Hunger Strike

bombing Iraq2 (73K)

"Moderate" Syrian Rebels Make a Peace Deal with ISIS

Details of Possible Israeli War Crime in Gaza - Rosenfeld article in the Daily Beast

He Was Wearing an "IDF Shirt" When He Beat George Galloway - Video Interview

New Bitlaf - Obama Pledges No "Boots" on the Ground

Gaza Protesters Storm British Store Over Israel Purchases

Postings and Audio from Najwa Sheikh, a Mother in Nuseirat Refugee Camp

StruggleVideo on Twitter...Follow Us for the Latest News

Adult Suspect Finally Named....Latest on the Lynchings

Jordan Allows Family to Visit Amer Jubran - Jubran Victim of New Repressive Law

Israel Aid Hits $100 Billion - and Still they Hate Obama

Congress Floods Israel with Money, but Does Iron Dome Even Work?

Does the IDF Kill Its Own to Avoid Unpleasant Prisoner Swaps?

300 U.S. Unionists Condemn Israel Gaza Rampage

Congress Voted Another $225 Million for Israel for Iron Dome

Source is Right Wing, but Is There Any Possible Excuse for this Grotesque
Anti-Semitic Statement by Hamas Spokesman Hamdan?

State of CT Money Ties to Israel Much More Than Expected

What the CT Senators Wrote Us about Gaza and Palestine and What They're Really Saying

New Stan Heller Blog Entries
"Are the Rockets Really Random?" and "A Months Worth of Comment in Newspapers"

Podcast - "The IDF Called Her and Warned Her to Leave Her House"

Letter to CT State Treasurer - Break All Ties with Israel

Huwaida Arraf - "This Must Stop" - Video

Marchers in Hartford July 31

Die-In Video 1       Die-in Video 2

demo in front of treasury building 7_31_2014 with nappier2 (116K)
Dear Denise Nappier: Here we Are Outside Your Office with Our Message

on Facebook

heller_criticizes_murphy_glastonbury2 (29K)
Video - Senator, Do You Have the Decency to Condemn the Shelling of the U.N. School?

Even After Shelling of U.N. School Murphy Says, "Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself"

shame2_sm (105K)
Photos and Videos of Hartford Rally July 24

As in Lebanon IDF Surprised by Effectiveness of Resistance on the Ground

Long List of Palestinians Say, "No Ceasefire without Justice"

Jewish Opposition to Gaza Rampage Grows

Protests in Many Countries Against Israel's July Rampage

photo confront Murphy2 (146K)
We Confront Senator Murphy Over His Support for Israel's Gaza Rampage     "What Bill?"

Recent TSVN Video of Protest in Hartford and New Haven

Crowd Prevents Israel's Zim Ship from Docking in Oakland - Podcast Interview with Steve Zeltzer

Demand Justice for Youth Gunned Down in Ferguson       Newest about the Rockcats

Israel Aid Hits $100 Billion - and Still they Hate Obama

Photos of the Grief After 4 Kids of the Bakr Family Killed by Israelis on a Beach

Loathsome Senate Resolution "Green Lights" Netanyahu

gaza ark destroyed1 (10K)        gaza ark destroyed2 (12K)
Gaza's Ark Deliberately Destroyed by IDF Marauders

In Libya There is So Much War and Chaos, Neither Main Airport is Operating [[Thank you Obama!]]

Uncle-Sam stop our tax dollars2 (50K)        gaza_war_crimes_2_2009 (45K)

A Bereaved Mother's Speech is the Best Answer to Netanyahu's Raving

On July 4, Be a Patriot: Stop Another US Military Intervention in Iraq - Medea Benjamin

250 Palestinian Prisoners are on Hunger Strike - Israel May Force Feed Them

Facebook Refuses to Withdraw Page Calling for Murder of Prisoners

Obama Vows to Seek Justice for Murdered Americans
(Except for Rachel and the Sailors on the USS Liberty)

riccio and staklo (18K)
Rally against CT Child and Family Mistreatment of Trans "Jane Doe" Obama Vows to Seek Justice for Murdered Americans
(Except for Rachel and the Sailors on the USS Liberty)

NOPE symbol sm (22K)
They Tell Governors "NO" to Expansion of Spectra's Methane Gas Pipeline - Video

So Obama Really Can Close Gitmo - Medea Benjamin, Ally McCraken

Genius Idea (97K)
Video of Rally for Torture Victim Rasmea Odeh       June 9 Podcast Interview

proud to be video2 (35K)
Over Two and a Half Million Have Watched This Demand for Respect for Indians

Cornel West at Left Forum 2014 (14K)
Exciting Speech by Cornel West at Left Forum

ugur1 (13K)               ugur2 (18K)
Years Later 10th Turkish Man Dies From Israeli Attack on Mavi Marmara

tipis and bird and monument (54K)

The Cowboy Indian Alliance Against Keystone XL Climate Killling Pipeline - 20 TSVN Videos

Remember the Deliberate Genocide of Iraqis by Bush, Clinton, Bush II and their Lackeys

kidnapped-girls-nigeria-boko-haram-altagreer (92K)
Amnesty International Calls for Action on Kidnapped Girls

Actions at 25 Ben and Jerry's Stores.....Description

Victory for Student Speech Rights: Northeastern SJP To Be Reinstated

Obama and Kerry Send Apache Helicopters to al-Sisi

Published in New Haven Register - "U.S. Should Stop Killing by Remote Control"

rubin_carter_2000_2 (13K) The Late Rubin Hurricane Carter Speaks in CT (2000)

Interview: "Ben and Jerry" Get Told Off for Selling Their Ice Cream in the Territories

Will Neil Young and "Crazy Horse" Entertain Israel?

While Dreyfus Rotted on Devil's Island - Stanley Heller

Flyering Ben and Jerry's in Branford, CT
banner we did not vote kxl (45K)
400 Climate Activists Arrested in Washington D.C. - TSVN Video

Rachel Corrie Killed 11 Years Ago       2014 Facebook Tribute Event

did nothing on medea 2014_sm (44K)
A Sign the President Did Not See           NBC CT TV coverage

Egypt Cops Break Medea's Arm - State Department Does Nothing - CT Protest Planned

Women's Demands on Syria - An Interview with Ann Wright

5,000 Already Ask Neil Young Not to Entertain Apartheid-Land

Approves Open Letter to Iran on Yarmouk Starvation

Fax Our Courant Ad to Senator Blumenthal

mother-palestine-scissors-beat-apartheid-sm (33K)            iaw-2014-latuff-sm (36K)            mother-palestine-scissors-beat-apartheid-sm (33K)
Israel Apartheid Week Events

Vanessa Redgrave's Courage at the Oscars - 1978

They Destroyed Her Career for Delivering Brando's Oscar Remarks on Indians

keep your poison2 (66K)
Intervew with Chuck Nelson about West Virginia Water

Podcast - Busted for Trying to Deliver A Peoples Protective Order

soda_scream1 (56K)
The "Sodascream" Commercial You Should Have Seen

Another View of Yarmouk - The Economist

cohn draper gibson (22K)
Stamford 14 on Trial for Defending Lives and Land in Appalachia

Shia in Syria are Being Starved, Too - Cockburn

Lenni Brenner on the PEW Report - Podcast

The Other "N" Word

Audio Interview Max Blumenthal - Israel, Tribalism and Racism

Indefinite Detention (of African Refugees) Needs to Stop

News and Action Ideas about Yarmouk Camp from Al-Awda         Video from Al-Jazeera, some horrible

Israeli Government Minister "A Jew always has a much higher [level] soul than a goy
even if he is a homosexual..."

Latuff Cartoons on the Death of Ariel Sharon

Sharon, December 14, 1981: “South Africa Needs More Arms.”

The NYT Did't Approve This Comment on the Death of Sharon

Israel Didn't Give a Single Eritrean or Sudanese Refugee Status

What Matters to the Jewish 1% - The Presidents of the Jewish Organizations

Floods Deepen Gaza Crisis **** What You Can Do

American Studies Association Votes 2-1 to Join Academic Boycott

Accomplishments 2013

american-studies-association-under-attack-over-bds-campaign_sm (19K)
      click for full size and explanation

Shameful AAUP Union Stand on Boycott Call          Heller Letter in Courant

Universities Supposedly Attack the American Studies Association

Atrocious State of Yarmouk Camp

Stan Heller Blog - Let's Have a Clear Eyed View of Mandela

What to Make of Sensational Charges from Seymour Hersh about August Chemical Attack in Syria

Spare the Hypocrisy -- Israeli Government in Bed with Old Apartheid South Africa

The Einstein Letter at 65 - Stanley Heller

Video - The Geneva talks and the implications for the people in Iran - Yassamine Mather

Teach-in Explodes Myths about Syrian Revolution (Video and Audio)

Mother Agnes - Credible Witness or Regime Agent?

Videos of Phil Donahue
talking about his Movie about Veteran Tomas Young

Change the Team Name -- Video - Petition

Remembering Sharon's Threat to Kill Arafat

The Congo - Millions Dead - The U.S. Role - Podcast

Complete Blockade of Yarmouk Camp Now Over 100 Days Old

New Videos of Jeremy Scahill at Yale

TSVN Interview with Ali Abunimah about Arrest of Palestinian-American Activist

Who's Afraid of AIPAC After Its Defeat on Syria? - Max Fisher Washington Post

Why was the Government Looking at Rasmea Odeh's 20 Year Old Citizenship Applications?

Yeshiva U. Pres Sits Calmly as Adelson Proposes to Nuke Tehran

weicker 3_sm (15K) Lowell Weicker, Former CT Senator and Governor, Calls Israeli Wall an "Abomination"

Videos of Protest in Newark, New Jersey Against Coal Burning Power Plant

Impressive Boston Protest Against KXL Pipeline - Videos

Why Didn't Obama Bomb Syria? - Analysis

Rally Near UN Condemns Fascist Killing in Greece - Videos

(Racist) Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in His Own Words

Veolia Transportation Company Quits from Israeli settlement Bus Lines

Over 150 Jews Defy AIPAC and Say "No War on Syria"

Recalls Kissinger's Role in Massacres in Former East Pakistan        Video: Fierce Rival Rallies over Bangaldesh

The Horror of Poison Gas Used Against Iran - Will Pappa Bush and Rumsfeld be Held to Account?

Syrian, Egyptian Revolutionaries Say
"No to all forms of imperialist intervention, whether by the US or Russia"

Finally a Major News Chain Asks Questions about Some of the "Evidence"

36 Egyptian Prisoners Die from Tear Gas
Can We Believe the Regime's Story?

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on Why He Supports BDS

Powerful Front Page of UK's Independent 8/15/2013

Egypt Socialists Condemn New Massacre

U.N. Says Surface to Surface Missiles Delivered Sarin Gas - Our Analyis

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