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TV Show "Suing the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Horrors"

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Featuring press conference of those suing Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi *** Hatice Cengiz, Sarah Lee Whitson, Keith M. Harper, Faisal Gill *** Trump speaks approvingly of killing of a apparently non-resisting suspect by federal officers *** marchers demonstrate for #BlackLivesMatter in Crown Heights, NYC *** program #872

TV Show "Palestinian Hunger Striker in Grave Peril"

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Maher al-Akhras in 80th day of hunger strike *** witness more home demolitions of Palestinian homes *** Iran: Trump tries to please his pals, Iranian regime executes Navid Afkari and keeps lawyer Nasrin in prison for defending women's rights *** Trump tells the "Proud Boys" to "stand by". We recall the day in 2017 when the Proud Boys came to the New Haven Green *** David Vine on Democracy Now talks about the tens of millions displaced by U.S. wars since 2001 *** a look back at a demonstration for Medicare for All in front of Congressman DeLauro's office *** program #871

TV Show "Syrian White Helmets Rush In"

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awful US numbers on cases and deaths from Coronavirus *** Syrian White Helmets respond to deadly bombing in AlBab *** Gandhi Peace Award to Mayson Al Misr of the White Helmets and Dr. Sahloul Nov. 21 *** White Helmets save a young cow *** Israeli settler teenagers stone Palestinian home in Hebron with no fear of punishment *** British union movement criticizes "apartheid" *** New Haven activists memorialize in stone 19 years of the so-called "War on Terror ** FBI arrests men trying to kidnap governor of Michigan and start a civil war *** Denver protest against police sweeps of homeless *** program #870

TV Show "Two Years after the Slaughter of Khashoggi"

image for program 869 (62K)
Two years after Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered a movie is made about the killing and Saudi Arabia today by Rick Rowley - video from Democracy Now! *** Saudi Crown Prince embarrassed as 4 mayors cancel appearance at Urban 2020 *** one photo shows what Russia has "achieved" after 5 years of bombing in Syria *** West Haven, CT residents (Samantha DeGennaro, Barbara Fair, Brandon Patterson) complain about police abuses *** program 869

TV Show "China #1 Carbon Polluter, By Far"

image for show 868 (120K)
starting with rally in New Haven after the decision to not indict anyone on any charge for the killing of Breonna Taylor *** featuring Richard Smith talking about his new book, "China's Engine of Environmental Collapse". Even though China is the biggest producer of solar panels and wind mills it is by far the leading producer now of greenhouse gases. *** Fauci schools Rand Paul *** program #868

TV Show "Famine Stalks Yemen"

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starting with news about Syria, some nice news about a volunteer effort to keep kids cool, notice about the Gandhi Peace Award to two Syrians to be held on Nov. 21, 2020 and a salute to White Helmets who put out fires in Idlib *** featuring Amy Goodman's interview with Numa Elbagir whose CNN report is entitled "Yemen, A Crisis Made in the United States" *** a comment about the Saudi whitewash of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi *** notice of a New Haven Climate Strike action on Friday Sept 21 *** on the 38th anniversary of the Sabra-Chatilla massacre in Lebanon, we show the march we held in 2012 to honor those martyred and to renew demands for justice *** program 867

TV Show "Knee on His Head"

image for show 866 (684K)
Soldiers brutalize Palestinian man protesting land theft *** refugee camp burns to the ground in Lesbos, Greece *** Orange sky in Oakland *** Democracy Now's excellent report on the climate change fires in the West and the refusal of even liberals to draw the proper conclusions *** Julian Assange's extradition trial starts in Britain *** program #866

TV Show "Against the Embassy Wall"

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starting with video from The Syrian Campaign of a projection of a video on the wall of the Syrian embassy in Berlin telling of cruelty to prisoners *** from IMEU and B'tselem two looks at the cruel Israeli government practice of house demolitions *** West Haven, CT residents gather in front of their post office to criticize Trump and his postmaster for trying to ruin it *** the latest about Belarus from Democracy Now! *** a 350 video "Russia needs a Green New Deal" *** "Shoe Strike in Hartford" to protest plans to build another fracked gas plant in Killingly CT *** archive footage of a drum band used to remember the Sabra and Chatilla massacres in Lebanon in 1982 *** program #865

TV Show "Angry Protest Against New Gaza Bombing"

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protest in Britain over continual Israeli bombing of Gaza *** Middle East Eye says Crown Prince Salman was to meet with Netanyahu in DC, but cancelled when it became public *** DN! news highlights on Kenosha killings, Covid-19 spread and the worsening prospects for working people *** mass murderer in New Zealand sentenced to "life without parole" *** sports strike demands justice for minorities *** upcoming Sept 5 Bridgeport rally "Justice for Mubarak" *** daughter leads march for father killed by police in MN when she was an infant *** program 864

TV Show "Dershowitz Runs"

Image for show 863 (92K)
Alan Dershowitz' is being properly mocked by Jewish Voice for Peace so we brought back the time years ago when he ran away from listening to Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh at the Yale Law School *** Remi Kanazi spits out some of his poems after a trip to Palestine *** notice of 8/29 Shoe Strike for Climate and Justice in Hartford *** section of Isabel Wilkerson's talk on Democracy Now where she talks about what the Nazis learned from Jim Crow *** Program #863

TV Show "Genetic Effects of E-Waste in Palestine"

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Featuring a video from the Palestine Museum of Natural History in which serious genetic effects on Israeli industrial E-waste on a Palestinian town are explained *** starting with 350 on the trillions divested from fossil fuel companies *** another 350 piece on the last climate strike *** Israel deliberately ignoring its own court orders to review refugee rights *** Democracy Now! video on Trump's Executive Orders that supposedly help the unemployed. *** from Middle East Eye, a look at racism towards Blacks by some Arabs. *** program #862

TV Show "Take it To the Streets"

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starting with amazing protest of Assad soldiers in Daraa against Assad *** sandstorm and incredible heat in Al-Rukban Syria *** Middle East Eye on Seth Rogan *** Netanyahu's son given court order to stop harassing protesters *** "Take it to the Streets, Defund the Police" Rally in New Haven and march to the police station *** Barbara Fair and Rep. Robyn Porter *** Colleen Lord speaks about the death of her son in a CT prison, blaming correction officers, speaks against proposed Killingly fracked gas power plant *** program #861

TV Show "New CT Law Puts Cuffs on Cop Abuses"

image for show 860 (439K)
Real gains are made in limiting police use of deadly force in a bill passed by the CT legislature, details explained *** "See Us, Hear Us, Be the Change" event in West Haven for #BLM, Sen. Gary Winfield speaks out on the necessity of protest *** Israeli thugs use dogs against Palestinians *** Israeli police use fire hoses against Israeli Jews *** Martha Klein and Leah Rawls speak out against the proposed gas plant in Killingly *** Saudi political prisoner turns 31. She had campaigned to allow women to drive *** program #860

TV Show "A Lynching in Israel"

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In 2015 an Eritrean refugee named Habtom Zarhum was killed "mistakenly" because since he had dark skin he was thought to have taken part in a terrorist attack. He was shot and beaten while still alive. A judgement was just made in the case of two Israeli security officers who viciously beat him *** July 23, 2020 teachers and friends mount a car caravan in Hartford, CT to call for a better plan for reopening schools *** SEIU rally and interviews calling for more PPE for health care workers *** interviews as a BLM rally gathered in Hartford *** West Haven CT citizens line up to complain about treatment of protesters in July 5 march in which police used dogs, interview Brandon Patterson *** elders warn of militarization of police and call for civilian review boards with real power *** program #859

TV Show "UCONN Students Come Out for Palestine"

image for show 858 (230K)
featuring the march and rally at the Hartford Capitol against the threat of more annexation of Palestine by Israel, focus on injustices shown by personal observation, interview with Bazila Munir *** starting with John Barry, public health expert on how bad the U.S,. is off compare to once virus-plagued Italy *** Barbara Fair talks about the proposed bill on police accountability in CT *** Federal police acting like Gestapo in unmarked vans in Portland, Oregon *** NTE starts putting building materials on site of proposed fracked gas plant *** Kiana Flores speaks at Virtual Rally *** program #858

TV Show "West Haven Police Bring Out the Dogs"

image for show 857 (129K)
Peaceful rally and march 7/5/2020 in West Haven, CT, protesting West Haven police role in killing of Mubarak Soulemane. Protest takes to the streets and to the police station. Afterward as folks are going home a car tries to drive through the protest and driver allegedly yells profanity and "All Lives Matter". She is let go by police who then turn on the protest, bringing out police dogs, arresting three. At least one had to pay $10,000 bail. *** heavily armed protest by Black men and women in Stone Mt., Georgia *** Car caravan in Hartford and first section of Virtual Rally calling for cancellation of the 2nd fracked gas plant in Killingly, CT and for environmental justice *** program #857

TV Show "Day of Rage Against Annexation"

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protest in Brooklyn against Israeli plans to annex more Palestinian land*** Dr. Ghada Karmi talks about the history of annexation *** protest in Paris *** B'tselem about Israeli investigations that whitewash crimes against Palestinians *** a Syrian expelled from Maarat Neuman talks about the Caesar law *** rally of people from Hong Kong and supporters in front of Chinese consulate - Robert Cuffy speaks *** an Amnesty Intl. video about tear gas *** Stanley Heller listens to a Rush Limbaugh substitute and is disgusted by his cruelty toward those who could get Covid-19 *** an animated meditation about the end of the world because of climate disasters *** program #856

TV Show "The Killing of Her Cousin"

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On Democracy Now! Noura Erakat talks about the killing of her cousin, Ahmed Erakat, by Israeli soldiers as he was approaching a checkpoint between Abu Dis and Bethlehem *** 6_24_20 event in West Haven to honor Mubarak Soulemane on what would have been his 20th birthday. He was shot dead on 1/15 by a CT state trooper *** Los Fidel talks about a violent crowd trying to intimidate two supporters of removing Columbus's statue from New Haven's Wooster Square *** man's comments at Board of Education meeting going viral as he denounces a Board member who was not listening, but shopping *** program #855

TV Show "End the Deadly Exchange"

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starting with the Jewish Voice for Peace call to get rid of police training with serial human rights violator Israel *** Syrian group hails Caesar sanctions on Assad and his gang *** Jason Abolition Camp in front of Bridgeport police station *** interview with Bishop John Selders after hunger strike helped convince @GovNedLamont to call a special session to deal with police brutality issues *** large march in New Haven Defund Yale Police *** rally in New Haven for elders to stand with #BlackLivesMatter, remarks by Barbara Fair *** program #854

TV Show "All That's Left is His Picture on My Arm and Some Photos"

image for show 853 (175K)
*** starting with rally in Tel Aviv protesting planned annexations *** New Haven protest 6/5 draws thousands *** featured section on the protest of Mubarak "Mubi" Soulemane killing *** photo of West Haven protest *** Linda Sarsour explains what protesters mean when they say "Defund Police" *** photos of Elizabeth Park's Rose Garden at it's height in early June 2020 *** program #853

"Another Police Murder"

image for show 852 (139K)
Starting with the murder of a disabled Palestinian man in Jerusalem *** Palestinian and Syrian artists give tribute to George Floyd *** New Haven legislator Robyn Porter talks about black fears in a white supremacist society at a Hartford demonstration *** White House propaganda and what really went down when Trump walked to his photo op *** new date for protest of planned Killingly gas plant June 26 *** Host Stanley Heller warns of plans for military domination of country *** What Antifa and Anti-fascism really mean *** Mark Bray on the recent history of anti-fascism *** Program #852

TV Show "Say His Name"

image for show 851 (86K)

Protests of the murder of George Floyd *** comparing CT officials silence on the homicide of Mubarak Soulemane to the Mayor Frey of Minneapolis' quick condemnation of the murder of Floyd *** protest coming 6/5 of Soulemane killing *** Barbara Fair confronts Gov. Lamont on why he won't led any prisoners out during the virus *** Rally 6/6 in Hartford to tell Lamont and Dykes to cancel the Killingly fracked gas project *** featuring the protest in the Hartford capitol demanding a CT fund for the undocumented (because they're not getting any Federal aid. *** program #851

TV Show "Birth Certificate 72 for Palestine"

image for show 850 (151K)

Verdict in murders of Dawabshe family *** poem "72 Years a Birth Certificate" for Palestine *** #Act4Daraa to warn world of Assad threat to Daraa *** new look for RPM.world *** Martha Klein talks about the threat of pipelines and fracked gas plant *** Tony Cherolis on transportation and climate *** What We Didn't See at the Botanical Garden (NY) during Coronavirus 2020 *** program #850

"Seven Shots"

image for show 849 (76K)

A young Palestinian citizen of Israel shot seven times in a Tel Aviv hospital parking lot *** starting with two pictures from Syria *** comment about the response to the virus after learning about mistakes in the 1918 virus *** Jewish Voice for Peace has a meeting on Nakba Day, including Omar Barghouti *** Unidad Latinas en Accion car caravan to Hartford calling for cancelling rent and mortgages *** Nekita Waller sings at the Virtual Rally *** 350.org video on indigenous fights against pipelines *** program #849

TV Show "#FreeMays"

image for show 848b (294K)

Starting with the Jewish Voice for Peace plea to free a Palestinian women, Mays Abu Ghosh who has been jailed and tortured by Israel *** update on the achievements of May 1 actions in New York *** first half of the Virtual Rally for Climate and People in Detention 4/25 in CT withPat Donnelly, Ben Martin, Dan Fischer, C.J., Barabara Fair *** program #848

TV Show "Why Chris Smalls Blew the Whistle at Amazon"

image for show 847 (295K)

starting with Puerto Rico where the government is unable to use millions in funds set aside for it *** self-help in Puerto Rico *** Hartford rally demanding aid for undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for federal help *** part of interview with Chris Smalls, former Amazon worker who exposed lack of PPE for Amazon workers *** section of interview with Seth Rosenburg, train operator, NYC subways *** May 4 is the 50th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre - Mike Alewitz program *** Mayor of NYC breaks up dangerous crowd at a funeral and ADL chief screams anti-Semitism *** program #847

TV Show "Talking about a Human Rights Giant"

image for show 846b (431K)

*** Featuring an interview with retired professor Norton Mezvinsky about his close friend and political colleague Israel Shahak *** video of Shahak from 1990 *** starting with comment about a disgraceful milestone, the US now has 10 times as many coronavirus deaths as does China *** program #846

TV Show "Racism Doesn't Take a Coronavirus Holiday"

image for show 845 (69K)

Featuring an incident where a Miami policeman handcuffed a Black medical doctor Armen Henderson who was unloading his van in front of his house (5 days later no apology) *** ping pong balls show the benefit of physical distance to combat Coronavirus *** notice of 4 events in CT during Earth week *** portion on an interview with Barbara Fair who took part in a rally to protest CT governor Lamont's refusal to free any prisoners because of the threat of virus *** more of Naomi Klein's talk at Harvard in February *** program #845

TV Show "Naomi Klein Wins the Rushdie Award"

image for show 844 (150K)

Featuring the first part of Naomi Klein's acceptance speech after winning the Rushdie Award from several humanist societies at Harvard *** starting with a "honkathon" protest, people in their cars circling a block holding an ICE office *** report that Nicaragua is dangerously gathering people in crowds to "fight" Coronavirus *** Gaza Strip success in isolating those testing positive *** Israelis dump a sick Palestinian worker at a checkpoint *** Earth Day actions coming up *** Harvard's Humanist Chaplin Greg Epstein talks about the Rushdie Award and praises Klein *** program #844

TV Show "Gandhi Peace Award Announced"

image for show 843 (131K)

Two co-winners of the Gandhi Peace Award to represent the medical workers and rescue workers of their country ***featuring a vigil at Yale in mid-Feb. 2020 to call attention to the terrible number of murdered or missing Native American women in the U.S. *** starting with pots and pans protests against reckless President Bolsonaro in Brazil *** program #843

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