Obama Speaks Against Racism...Except Israeli Racism Against Blacks, Palestinians

March 22 The Times article is headlined "At Israeli Memorial Obama Speaks Out Against Racism". The video of his talk at Yad Vashem includes him saying, "This is our obligation not simply to bear witness, but to us in our time this means confronting bigotry and hatred in all its forms, racism, especially anti-Semitism. None of that has a place in the civilized world."

And then he said absolutely nothing about racism right now in Israel, the race riot against black Africans in Tel Aviv, the soccer fans who walked out when a Moslem member of their own football club scored a goal, and the thousand and one racist restrictions against Palestinians.

The Israeli racists must be laughing their heads off.

Obama used the day to obey another Zionist demand. When Obama gave his speech in (Mubarak's) Cairo he talked about Israel and the holocaust. He was charged with saying that Israel's only justification was because of the Holocaust. This outraged the Zionist Right who demanded that Obama do something to prove that he believes in the whole Zionist idea. OK with him. At Yad Vashem he said, "“The state of Israel does not exist because of the Holocaust,” Obama said, “but with the survival of a strong Jewish state of Israel, such a Holocaust will never happen again."

Then he went to to tomb of the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl and paid silent tribute.

In Ha'aretz Chemi Shalev writes, "There wasn’t one Israeli button that Obama didn’t push during the speech and throughout his entire visit: from Holocaust to redemption, anxiety to bravery, victimhood to victory, ancient rights to start-up nation. He embraced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, complimented his wife, adopted his children and commemorated his hero brother, all in an effort to wipe the slate clean and start anew, as far as possible. He threatened Iran, warned Syria, denounced Hezbollah, criticized Hamas and even tried to get Mahmoud Abbas to come down from the tree of a settlement freeze (which Obama had caused him to climb in the first place). "

Oh, but on his way to the airport Obama did go to Bethlehem. He was delayed two hours, spent 20 minutes at chruch in Bethlehem. No word if he said anything to Abbas other than pleasantries."