Whatever the Evidence the U.S. Government Has No Moral Standing
to Point Fingers or Drop Bombs

speech by MECC Executive Secretary Stanley Heller on behalf of Connecticut United for Peace at protest rally in Hartford 8/30/2013.

We're a small group. There are no Senators or Members of Congress among us, no newspaper publishers, no college presidents

But we do have a certain credibility. We warned ten years ago not to attack Iraq. We marched in Hartford and New Haven and in Washington with our signs and banners. Regrettably we and other hundreds of thousands of Americans who protested were ignored. Instead Bush and Cheney ordered "Shock and Awe". 5,000 American soldiers and untold numbers of Iraqis died for lies and Iraq' was left a ruin with its Muslims divided against themselves and riddled with hyper violence.

The government spends billions on spying and it has terrabytes of secret data , but perhaps we average people have something more important, common sense and years of experience. We don't see the answer to every problem as being the exploding of a bomb.

This rally was called by Connecticut United for Peace. We are not experts, and we are not Syrians, but it is plain to us that Syria does not need more war.

100,000 have died and there have been atrocities on all sides. The Assad government has acted horribly against its citizens. Saudi Arabia with U.S. support has brought Islamic extremists to Syria who have done their best to turn revolution into a religious war. The military stalemate is a ghastly meatgrinder, but beware this stalemate may very well be the goal of the big powers, continual war until another Arab country is ground into the dust

The Obama Administration says the chemical attack is a humanitarian outrage. I have seen the photos and the video. Whatever happened is absolutely an outrage. It may not be a lie that Assad's people were involved. We just don't know. There has not been any impartial investigation just thunderous claims of "undeniable proof".

We have not seen the evidence. However, what really is undeniable is that the U.S. government has no moral standing to complain about human rights outrages. Just last week the media exposed that the U.S. government assisted Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran knowing full well he was using poison gas. A few years later the U.S. enforced sanctions against Iraq that resulted in hundreds of thousands or a million deaths of Iraqi civilians. Chemicals and poisons? Let's talk about Fallujah with the US attack there with white phosphorus and depleted uranium. Secretary of State Kerry mentions horrific images of Syrian children. Let him also view the photos of the new born of Fallujah, many with terrible nearly unbelievable birth defects.

Yes, let us have an accounting for all the war crimes. Let an impartial criminal court get involved. But keep this hypocritical blood drenched administration far away

The Administration says the "international community" is begging for action. Who is in this community? Is it China? Have the countries of South America demanded war, the Arab League? Great Britain is not on board, only France, Samantha Powers, John Kerry and the President.

And talking about crimes we'd like to ask about Egypt which seems to have conveniently been erased from the headlines. The military in Egypt killed a thousand people, maybe many more. It's establishing a brutal dictatorship. It has released the last dictator, Mubarak, from prison. What about sympathy for Egyptians, Mr. President? No one is asking you to send cruise missiles to Cairo, but why are you still sending a billion and a half in aid to the Egyptian generals? Why don't you cut the aid to the fascist generals?

And what about the law Mr. President? Nations are forbidden to go to war just because they think their national interest is involved or if they think that somehow their security may be harmed.

International law says that disputes are to be brought to the United Nations and that the use of force is given only to the Security Council. This is the law not some imaginary category called "international norms".

Finally, I think we should ponder the words of a man who was once U.S. Senator. He said that if the President launched a war without approval of Congress it was an impeachable offense. That man was named Joe Biden and he made these remarks on national TV in 2007. Of course then he was giving warning to a Republican, but his analysis was undeniable. It is a high crime to involve this country in war without the express declaration of Congress.

Don't tear up the U.S. Constitution.

Don't Spit in the Face of International Law.

Total solidarity with the people of Syria.

We say "No War"


Position on Syria

adopted by the Middle East Crisis Committte 8/30/2013

1. The charges of chemical attack should be fully investigated by impartial bodies and evidence and findings should be made public.

2. We categorically oppose U.S. military action against Syria.

3. We oppose any nation sending weapons to any side in Syria while the internal conflict is going on.

4. We encourage Syrians to demand a ceasefire, negotiations and the the building of a democratic government.

The Middle East Crisis Committee is a human rights organization founded in New Haven, CT in 1982


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