Netanyahu Cries "Wolf" Yet Again

The big U.S. media let the Israeli Prime Minister appear on two top Sunday TV shows and he warned about Iran's alleged nuclear bomb program. Assuming that Americans understand world affairs as a football game he said, "You know, they're in the last 20 yards, and you can't let them cross that goal line." He provided no evidence that Iran has started to build bombs. His big scary word was "capability" meaning he wants the U.S. to declare that Iran has all the know-how and materials to make a bomb and therefore has to be attacked.

Certain facts contradict Netanyahu's claim:

--Iran's nuclear material is all watched over by the International Atomic Energy Agency

--Iran is enriching nuclear material to 20%. If you want to make a bomb you need to enrich to 90% and the IAEA would notice.

--Iran religious leaders have issued "fatwa" against nuclear weapons. These decrees are treated seriously in a country ruled by religious leaders.

--There's been a lot of fuss about what might have been at the Parchin site that Iran won't let the IAEA inspect, but as the Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon writes, "IAEA officials believe the testing at Parchin was conducted nearly a decade ago, and likely ended in 2003."

--" Senior Obama administration officials say the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate remains accurate" according to the Wall Street Journal. This estimate says Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003.

--Finally, Amy Goodman pointed out on her program this morning (September 17) the same dire warning was made by Netanyahu some time ago. He said Iran would have a nuclear bomb in 3 to 5 years. He made this prediction in 1992.

Comment: About the fatwas. Netanyahu can't have it both ways. If Iran is ruled by religious fanatics as he says they will fanatically obey their highest religious commandments and not build nuclear bombs.

Comment: It appears Americans aren't buying the hysteria this time. Ynet News, a website of the big Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronot says so itself. (and here)

Comment: In another interesting sign, staunch Zionist Barbara Boxer (Senator from California) has openly criticized Netanyahu for interfering in U.S. elections