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Latest on Chicago NATO Protest

Will Update During the Day

Veterans Handing Back Their Medals - This is What They Said *** Tribune Report

Videos of Protest including Good Section Denouncing Arrest of 3 for Beer Making Terrorism

Photo of Veterans at Start of March

Live Feed of March

Indymedia Live feeds here

Interview Joel Finkel 12:15 Central Time Chicago

Interview Tokuji Yokamoto 11:46 Central Time Chicago

Tribune Estimates 4,000 at Rally

Figuring that @OccupyChicago has the most up to the minute tweets about the protest www.twitter.com Also "Following" @ ryandevereaux a Guardian (UK) reporter

also searching for #NoNATO hashtag

The Guardian of the UK has a picture story. New York Times and Washington Post...Nada

AP Story - Protesters Prepare Larger NATO Demonstration
10 a.m. New York Time May 20

Interview with NATO Protest Organizer from May 19
good 4 minute interview

Lawyers Guild Says Chicago Arrests Bogus

Photos of Catholic Worker Protest Chicago police threatening three in town for NATO protest
AP reports a charge that these three were the very three arrested on grounds of planning to bring Molotov cocktails to the Chicago during the NATO summit

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