Henri Lowi's Analysis

[Henri Lowi of Toronto is a former Israeli citizen.]

Dear Friends:

Israeli Cabinet member Zeev Boim has been quoted as saying that "as far as I'm concerned, the people of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya can start packing.”

This is the well-know modus operandi, that was used in the Nakba, and ever since: mass destruction of infrastructure, terror against the people, threats, localized atrocities. The Israeli modus operandi is consistent and true to itself. What is difficult to understand is the position of those ostensible peace activists, and those ostensible pro-democracy activists, who refuse to recognize the right of return of the Palestine refugees. By doing so, despite all their protests and complaints, they are endorsing -- retrospectively, prospectively, and currently -- the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine. This cannot be the road to peace.

"In the prevailing circumstances the prospect for the peace process are slim but the idea of a two-state approach must be kept alive."


Note the “now you see it - now you don’t” quality of the so-called “2 state solution” - the “idea” of a two-state “approach” must be kept alive. No one seems to be troubled by the simple question: How many lives will be sacrificed to “rescue” IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit? The bottom line, for the powers that be in Europe and America, is that Israel has license to do whatever it wants. That explains the resounding silence of all the governments in the face of the flagrantly disproportionate Israeli brutality – state terror -- against the masses of non-combatant Palestinians. The elites understand that the struggle to end the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would require (and will require) the defeat, the overthrow, the demolition, of the Zionist regime that is based on racism, militarism, and ethnic cleansing. For the imperialists, that overthrow is to be prevented at all costs.

Gideon Samet: “this is no longer a crisis about the return of a prisoner”


Arik Diamant: “we should release some of the soldiers and civilians we have kidnapped.”


Unfortunately, after a good initial start with small protests at the IDF HQ in Tel Aviv and at the PM’s office in Jerusalem, Israeli peace activists missed the political opportunity to capture a small wave with the demand: Release Palestinian political prisoners!, and now they will have to raise that very demand with one hand tied behind their backs.

I must add here that the moral high ground gained by the guerrilla raid on Kerem Shalom -- and the political possibilities opened up by it -- have quickly been set back by those who fired the Kassam rockets into Ashkelon. I am not in a position to ask why these crude home-made rockets were not targeted on the invading IDF forces. (Could it be because the rockets are more noise-maker than weapon?) In any event, the targeting of a residential neighborhood in Ashkelon was an indiscriminate act of terror against the non-combatant Israeli population, characteristic of vendetta and civil war, but politically unworthy of a national liberation movement. These attacks served immediately to rebuild political support for the Peretz-Olmert-Netanyahu-Halutz gang, and to undercut political gains made internationally, i.e. isolating the Palestinians from democratic public opinion.

It is clear that political leadership for a national liberation struggle, to defeat Zionism and open up a new era of coexistence, has yet to step forward.

Henry Lowi