How They Still Justify Their Offer to Fight on Hitler's Side

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Dec. 30, 2016. After Netanyahu's embrace of Trump and lack of outrage by Netanyahu against Trump's far-far right associations there's renewed interest in a 70 year old attempt to ally with the far right, the insane effort of the Zionist Lehi group to ally with Hitler in 1941.

Lehi is more commonly called the "Stern Gang" after its leader Avraham Stern. Stern and his followers like (future Israeli PM) Yitzhak Shamir believed the British were worse than Hitler and the group fought against the British right during the Holocaust. Stern himself was caught by the British in February 1942 and (because his group killed British soldiers) apparently killed in cold blood.

There is a Lehi website. Lehi itself technically doesn't exist. This is the site of the "Freedom Fighters for Israel Historical Association"! Far from hiding the attempted alliance with the Nazis the site has a page which explains it.

Twice in 1941 Stern sent agents to try to contact the Nazis and ally with them during the war. The Lehi sites justifies the attempts as "Yair's attempts to make contact with and seek assistance from Nazi Germany in order to save European Jewry ". Oh, so it's main reason wasn't to conquer Palestine. That's news. But didn't Stern notice Hitler's mass murder of the Jews? The site explains, "But there still was not a feeling of impending doom. In fact, the Final Solution was a decision reached only at the Wannsee Conference in early 1942." Utter BS. After Kristallnacht in 1938 it was obvious the Nazis were starting a program of murder against the Jews.

Do take a look at their page. It includes an image of what they say is the "Lehi Proposal of Collaboration with Nazi Germany".

The Stern gang was never more than a few hundred people, and in the 1940's most Palestinian Jews and Zionists held them in contempt yet that was then. Stern or Ya'ir as he called himself is lionized now by Israeli politicians. In 1978 a stamp was made in his honor. A town was created by Ariel Sharon and named after him just north of Qalqilya. The Jerusalem Post said Sharon founded it after his trip to (apartheid) South Africa. It was his attempt to create a place where South Africans could feel at home.

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