Latuff's Cartoons on Turkey

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Many of Staff of NTV Station Quit Because Management Won't Cover Demonstrations

raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-g (41K)
Tayyip (Erdogan) Resign!

raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-f (29K)
General Strike

raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-e (37K)
Twitter Lays an Egg on Erdogan.
Taksim is an important Square in Istanbul. Erdogan Wants its Park Replaced by a Mall

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raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-c (37K)
Protester Kicks Prime Minister-Erdogan-Shaped Tear Gas Grenade

raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-b (37K)
What is Cut - Democracy

raid-on-occupy-taksim-park-in-istambul-turkey-a (37K)
Prime Minister Erdogan - Police