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Ali Abu Alia was killed by Israeli snipers on his 15th birthday this December 6th in al-Mughayyir, a village north of Ramallah. He was killed by .22 bullet from a Ruger rifle made by the Sturm Ruger company whose company headquarters is in Southport (Fairfield) Connecticut. The Jerusalem Post said that said the mayor of the village said the youth was shot from close range. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that a "live bullet" had been used (as opposed to a rubber coated metal bullet). An IDF spokesman told the Post that "The IDF has rejected a charge that 'live ammunition' was used, explaining that soldiers and border police at the scene responded with riot dispersal means that includes the use of less lethal 'Ruger' bullets."

The IDF lives in a brutal fantasy world where .22 caliber metal bullets can be used for "crowd control". In the early 2000's this Ruger "fan site" says the Israeli Judge Advocate General ruled that the Ruger carried by Israeli armed forces was a "lethal weapon". 22 caliber bullets can travel 500 feet per second even after traveling the distance of 4 football fields.

After the Great March of Return started in Gaza in 2018 our committee was horrified at the great number of Palestinians shot and looked into who was making the weapons. One of the companies was CT based Ruger and as our committee is based in CT we felt we had a special responsibility to take action. We wrote to the company, to politicians, the media and staged a demonstration on a very hot June day. Here are some details:

Letters to Sturm Ruger CEO in 2018

MECC Executive Director Stanley Heller's op-ed in the New Haven Register

June 2018, MECC Calls for a Congressional Investigation

June 2018 "The Walk of Protest" to Ruger Headquarters

Unfortunately this had no effect on the company. An unofficial spokesperson told us the day of the June '18 demonstration that Ruger obeys all laws and State Department directives and would likely not respond formally to our questions or protests. It never did.

In June of 2020 the Israeli paper Haaretz had a piece where it interviewed Israeli snipers. They bragged about their output in shooting demonstrators. The piece was entitled "42 Knees in One Day". In a discussion of the precision of sniper rifles it is explained that Ruger rifles are used. A sniper (no longer on active duty) named Shomi tells Haaretz, "the Ruger [a type of rifle used mainly at demonstrations] is intended for use at 100, 150 meters. From that distance, you see the leg even with the eye, and with a telescopic lens that enlarges to the power of 10, you can actually see the tendons. Note that the distance being mentioned is greater than a football field, far far longer than anyone can throw a stone. Please take a look at the Haaretz article. One of the illustrations is of a Palestinian with a leg amputated from the knee down.

Sturm Ruger is a very successful company and its having a banner year. It recently absorbed Marlin rifles. We have no idea how many weapons it's selling to Israel, but it's no doubt making lots of money. That's why we entitled this piece "Ruger is Making a Killing" and suggest it be used in memes.

So what can be done?

Politicians should be spoken to. Member of Congress Rashida Tlaib of Michigan has already condemned the shooting, but we don't know if she knows about the Ruger connection. Senator Bernie Sanders might speak out. Certainly AOC should be contacted. So should Betty McCallum who has been sponsoring a bill in Congress trying to deny money Israel that it uses to abuse Palestinian children. The Democrat leadership won't approve any official hearings about the subject of U.S. weapons being used to kill or maim, but why can't these politicians hold their own unoffical "people's" investigations?

If enough money could be gathered there could be court suits because the Ruger rifles are being used to commit international war crimes. A better use of the money might be to by time on an electric billboard in Fairfield saying "Ruger is Making a Killing" and directing them to this page or a special site or FB page devoted to the subject of Ruger and sniper shooting of Palestinians.

One group of people who should be spoken to are the politicians in Fairfield, CT. It's run by a First Selectman and other selectmen. Start a campaign calling for a town resolution to insist that Ruger stop selling weapons to Israel. Maybe an online petition campaign asking them to do so.

Other ideas are welcome.

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