Israeli General Says Israeli Bombing of Syria Election Ploy

Israeli Major General Yoav Galant (ret.)charged that the Israeli bombing in Syria that killed several Hezbollah military figures and (accidentally) and Iranian general was an election ploy of Netanyahu and the Likud. Galant is now running for election in the Kulanu list in the Israeli Knesset. He said killing for electoral gain in Israel has happened before. Israeli TV Arutz 7 made the report on his comment on January 18. Galant was roundly attacked for saying this by Regev of the ruling Likud Party.

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery got into the same subject in much more detail in a recent column. He says Israeli politicans have killed Arabs in military strikes "many times" during election campaigns to show how tough they are. Usually they succeed. Only Peres Grapes of Wrath War and its mass murder at the U.N. base at Qana failed to gain him election as Prime Minister.