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Are you Woman(Man) Enough for the Fiction Front?

by Stanley Heller

Let's face it. We watch "entertainment" more that we read about current affairs. And a lot of opinion is shaped by popular fiction. A whole generation of Americans were shaped in their views about the Middle East by that arch-racist novel "Exodus". The "Manchurian Candidate" had a great influence in convincing Americans that Communists could "brainwash" people. Heck, half the country's view of the Russian Communists came straight out of the cartoon "Rocky and Bullwinkle"

The politics in fiction is deliberate. We should know how to talk about it. It is a battleground in the war for public opinion. So we've started a list to talk about issues of war, liberation and fiction: movies, novels, TV, comics, whatevea.

People can write short comments or whole articles. We'll archive the best on "The Struggle" in a special section.

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