Solidarity Rally with Turkey at OWS Zuccotti Sat. June 8

In Solidarity With The Turkish People –
Occupy Gezi NYC & AKNY-Greece at OWS Zuccotti

#ResistIstanbulAthensNYC #ResistEverywhere at OWS


June 8 – Saturday – All Day Starting at Noon
Media Conference and AKNY presence begins 1:50 pm (

Special Invite to All Left Forum Participants!
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At Occupy Wall Street – Zuccotti Park, we Greeks shall stand in solidarity with the people of Turkey who fight against repression for freedom of expression, democracy and justice! We shall stand side-by-side with Americans and Armenians, Arabs and Kurds, Jews and all peoples for a world free from oppression.

Today the people of Turkey face severe repression. Istanbul took to the streets in resistance because of a plan to raze the only park left in the city center and put up a mall and hotels for as-yet unspecified investors. Instead of responding to the democratic will and saving Gesi Park, the Turkish state is beating, gassing, arresting, detaining without charges and often killing people in the street.

The Erdogan government has strayed from secular assurances and made a turn to tightening social control by increasingly intervening in people’s private lives. The use of force resembles the hardline Turkish governments of the past, as well as all too many authoritarian crackdowns internationally — including in many European countries since the economic crisis began. In the background, we see the same neoliberal economic policies that bring precarity and poverty to peoples around the world and leave them no choice but to revolt.

The uprising of the people has now spread across Turkey and encompasses a popular yearning for change, for freedom, justice and economic fairness. Meanwhile, from the United States in which we live, arms and tear-gas shipments continue to flow to the Turkish state, as they have to the Egyptian state, the Greek state, and so many other sites of the “repression business.” In these ways and numerous others, the struggle of the Turkish people, the struggle of the Greek people, and the coming struggle of the American people are all related.

Join us Saturday at OWS Zuccotti Park in Solidarity with Occupy Gezi NYC. #ResistIstanbulAthensNYC #ResistEverywhere