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Chomsky Kanazi, Khader, Hagopian and … urge support of “The Struggle”

During 2011 we asked some of our friends for words of encouragement and Noam Chomsky, Remi Kanazi, Vijay Prashad, Nada Khader, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Elaine Hagopian, Greta Berlin, Rev. David Good and Lenni Brenner were kind enough to oblige (see comments below).

The website of the Middle East Crisis Committee is as aptly named as the Committee itself. Crises in the region are all too serious, common, and urgent. And it is indeed a struggle to overcome barriers of omission, distortion, prejudice, and propaganda to bring to Americans a clear understanding of what is actually happening in the region, what the US role is, and what citizens can do about it – which is a lot. The Committee, and its website and other outlets, have carried out these difficult and essential talks with courage and integrity, and substantial success, an admirable and important achievement.

Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor (retired) MIT
The Struggle is an essential alternative media news source. Shedding light on global issues overlooked by CNN and MSNBC, the Struggle provides a platform for those who seek to work against injustice. Be part of the struggle and support this program today.
Remi Kanazi, poet, BDS activist, author "Poetic Injustice"
Working for justice is an exhausting enterprise which many undertake with great spurts of energy but rarely sustain over time. The M.E. Crisis Committee's The Struggle News Team is an exception to that rule. That team, and its principled founder, Stanley Heller, have not only sustained their informed activism on behalf of the downtrodden everywhere - particularly in the Middle East - but have grown and continue to grow in programming and outreach. When others have waned as their idealism is weakened by the reality of just how long and hard the struggle for justice is, Heller and his crew multiply their efforts and have grown an audience committed to JUSTICE.
Dr. Elaine Hagopian is a life-long activist and Professor Emerita of Sociology.
TheStruggle.org is a must go to for Palestine solidarity activists. The website includes latest headlines, interview links with key movement organizers and tools for Palestine activists. Highly recommended.
Nada Khader
Executive Director
WESPAC Foundation

"The Struggle" touches a cord with us here in Palestine but certainly fills a gap in the West. Projects of MECC including The Stuggle Video News (TSVN), the Struggle Podcasts, and The Struggle website highlight to the US and to many around the world issues of vital importance to our global family. Like our anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa, our struggle is a global struggle now transforming to a global intifada. Technology made it possible for more people to see, thanks to TSVN and other such tools, that our struggles are all linked because our troubles are all linked from the Arab dictatorships to corporate hegemony to genocide in Iraq to ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Stan Heller and his volunteers provide an indispensable service to inquiring minds and to wake-up a few sleeping minds. We need more of this around the world.
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
Professor at Bethlehem Univesrity in Occupied Palestine and author of "Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of hope and empowerment"

When I despair that Americans will never learn the truth about anything, I visit the Middle East Crisis Committee site, looking for what project or video they have produced that will cheer me up or make me think. Thank you MECC for your honesty and determination to tell the truth.
Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, The Free Gaza movement
"I am deeply grateful for the work and the witness of the Middle East Crisis Committee. For many years, they have been a sorely needed "voice crying out in the wilderness", a prophetic voice calling for justice and peace in the Holy Land. Through "The Struggle" they have helped to amplify American and Israeli (Jewish, Muslim and Christian) voices of conscience, and in doing so they have helped the American public to see its own complicity in the violation of human rights that take place in the occupied territory of Palestine. Through their efforts, they have strengthened the sense of solidarity of peace activists, and thanks to their untiring witness to the truth, my own hope has been renewed."
The Rev. David W. Good
Senior Minister
The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme
The Middle East Crisis Committee is raising funds for “The Struggle” TV News, its www.TheStruggle.org site, with its “Latest Headlines” section, and for podcasts and You Tube videos. Please contribute as much as you can to this very worthy cause.

I've lectured across the U.S. on Zionism and American imperialism for many years, and frequently cite MECC and its projects as the model for groups in other regions to match. Indeed, I'm certain that if MECC gets more funds now, it will not only keep up its good work, it will go on to develop further activities to help the needed enlightenment of the rapidly growing Occupy Wall Street movement, the centerpiece of today's American left.

Stay well, give ‘em hell,

Lenni Brenner

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