David Duke <3 Gilad Atzmon and Vice Versa

by Stanley Heller

I have done my best to ignore Gilad Atzmon for a couple years now, but I was sent material that notorious anti-Semite David Duke has a page for Gilad Atzmon articles and videos. So I took a look.

As a young man Duke was a KKK leader and in college would often strut around in a Nazi uniform. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center" Duke is "the most recognizable figure on the American radical right" and "a neo-Nazi". "His views are characterized by conspiracy theories, racism, antisemitism, and Holocaust denial"

If you think Duke has "mellowed" notice this 1/26/2015 screenshot of the bottom of Duke's Atzmon page: In the bottom right hand corner note that Duke has for sale the booklet "Jewish Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union" and Henry Ford's anti-Semitic rant "The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem". Or hold your nose and go to his home page.

Now anybody can use good material for rotten purposes. Anti-Semites have twisted the writings of Israel Shahak and Lenni Brenner to support their racism, but has Atzmon denounced Duke for linking to his work? Far from it. He praises Duke. Here's a bit of what he wrote about Duke in April 2014.

Now there is something very interesting and it's again the first time I'm saying it. The left is devastated by David Duke for instance. He was in the KKK when he was young. But here is something quite amazing: I read him and I was shocked to find out that this guy knows more about Jewish identity than I do! How could a supposedly ‘racist’ Gentile who probably never entered a synagogue knows more than I do about Judaism? The reason is in fact very simple : he is a proud white man.
The quote is from this page from Atzmon's website. Atzmon also says this about Duke,"David Duke is a humanist because he says, 'I want to celebrate my right and you should celebrate your rights' whether you are Muslim or black or whatever. He believes that all people should celebrate their rights, this is his current philosophy."

If the Duke-Atzmon admiration society isn't enough to convince those beguiled by Atzmon's supposed support for Palestinians and his seemingly far reaching attack on Zionism, nothing will

A Final Point

In the same interview with Atzmon the interviewer a L’Armurerie talks about a man named Delaisi:
I find very interesting his theory that Hitler adamantly refused to put his country again under the dominion of the Wall Street banks (which, in his opinion, were tied to Jewry) and that for doing this he and his fellow countrymen were burnt to the ground. Some French people think that the Holocaust religion is a hysterical topic dropped in every time somebody is approaching these studies.
Instead of this disputing this Nazi justification for World War II Atzmon says:
G: There you go. The Shoa is a successful political instrument. In the name of the Jewish past we eliminate the future of France and even the West.