Don’t Be Fooled by Tulsi Gabbard’s
So-Called “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”

Hawaii member of Congress Gabbard and a few others have been pushing for a law in Congress to cut off any possible help to the Syrian victims of Assad.

Some when talking about this 2017 bill emphasize it as a way to stop Saudi Arabia, but that’s bogus. Supposedly the law would forbid the U.S. from aiding ISIS and al-Qaeda and Nusra and groups or countries that do so, but…

1. There’s no evidence that the U.S. or the Saudis governments give money, weapons or training to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the former al-Nusra. On the contrary, the U.S. bombs them and drones them all the time and Al Qaeda and ISIS do suicide bombings against the Saudis.

2. The bill cuts off aid to groups that are "associated with, cooperating" with the above groups. Nursra generally is attacking everyone, but when under siege (as they were in Aleppo) it will work with the Free Syria Army groups and they (having no choice) will work with them. So this proposed law effectively is directed against all opponents of Assad.

3. Assad and the "anti-imperialist" Left claim the White Helmets are propaganda arms of Nusra. So if this bill is enacted it could be used to bar "cash assistance" [ "covered assistance" (Section 2, (d) 2)] to the White Helmets. The U.S. does give substantial money to that terrific group. Other countries do too.
The bill could be called the "Crush the White Helmets Act".

4. Tulsi Gabbard is an Islamophobe, supports CUFI, the worst of the Christian Zionists, is Trump's favorite Democrat and is just back from visiting with the monstrous Bashar Assad. That should be considered when thinking about the motivation for this bill. When there actually was a bill to cut off arms sales to Saudi Arabia in 2016 she was NOT a co-sponsor.

5. To see what’s really being done to fight the Saudi regime go to the site of the Coalition to End the U.S.-Saudi Alliance http://www.saudius. org/

Here’s the link to the Gabbard bill Read it over yourself.

Sunday, March 5 there's a protest of a talk by Gabbard in Piscataway in Central New Jersey. Here's the Facebook page.

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