I Am Disgusted with the ADL Because ...

"May 14 is Show Disgust with the ADL Day" Make a Sign

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Protest the ADL's cooperation with tyranny and war (see May 12 below). Make a sign and show it on social media. Attach a photo and send it to mail@thestruggle.org and we can put it up on this page" Start your sign with the words, "I'm disgusted with the ADL because ..."

Some suggested ways to end the sentence: *** the ADL is OK with UAE mass murder in Yemen *** it brings U.S. police to Israel for brutalization training *** of its record of spying on the Left *** it blindly supports apartheid Israel *** it won't condemn Israeli racism *** of its hatred of socialism *** it has abandoned anti-racism in favor of Jewish nationaism *** it advised police to plant spies among anti-fascist activists

Or make up your own endings.

By the way if you're worried about personal security put the sign up over most of your face or some such measure

May 12. Just learned yesterday that the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) will host an event "celebrating tolerance" with representatives of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This UAE which is so tolerant that it has been joining with the Saudis, the U.S. government and others in savaging Yemen, in starving to death 85,000 children and on and on.

A letter was sent to the ADL protesting the event. The letter was organized by Freedom Forward.

By coincidence this takes place around the day of a release of a devastating report about the modern ADL. An organization that once had the noble purpose of defending Jews from hatred now spends it time as a blind supporter of Israeli apartheid with only token gestures against racism.

Specifically the report charges the ADL with:

*** History of targeting and surveilling progressive movements
*** Support for racist, militarized policing
*** Repressing Palestinian rights, smearing critics of colonialism as “anti-Semites”
*** Support for actual anti-Semites, Donald Trump, and other right-wing, racist influencers
*** Islamophobia/Anti-Muslim Racism
*** Campus repression
*** Trampling anti-racist, immigrant, queer, and other justice movements
*** Implications May 12

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