An Iraq Veteran Explains Why He Killed Himself

Daniel Somers "...ran more than 400 combat missions as a machine gunner in the turret of a Humvee, interviewed countless Iraqis ranging from concerned citizens to community leaders and and government officials, and interrogated dozens of insurgents and terrorist suspects. In 2006-2007, Daniel worked with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) through his former unit in Mosul " JSOC is the "elite" unit that Jeremy Scahill has written about in "Dirty Wars"

After writing a explanation he took his life on June 10, 2013

After leaving the military he was in constant physical and psychological pain. In his note he wrote that part of it had to do with things he did in Iraq. "During his first tour During my first deployment, I was made to participate in things, the enormity of which is hard to describe. War crimes, crimes against humanity." He suffered from traumatic brain injury. Recently he was involved in a film project, but in his note he claims "it was taken away from me".

His Suicide Note Printed with the Approval of his Widow

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