Connecticut Climate March May 31, 2015

climate march on stairs (38K)
photo Tokuji Yakamoto


Scenes from the March
ct climate march banner2 (65K)

How Long Before Global Droughts and Rising Seas Destroy the Lives of Millions?
Speakers at the Rally
350ct banner (65K)

Interview with Anthony Sorge of Capitalism Vs. the Climate
anthony sorge on pipeline3 (82K)

If the Earth Were Just a Few Feet in Diameter People Would Marvel at It
globe diameter (76K)

From People's Mike Anthony Sorge Says Resistance will Escalate if Spectra Pipeline Expands
sorge on peoples mike (71K)

Interview with Ben Martin of about Their Climate Demands
ben martin may 31 2015 (67K)

Just the Signs and the Banners
signs and banners may 31 2015 (93K)

And Near the Booths at the Earth Festival
human earth animal lib banner (93K)

Coming Up June 25, a Must See Event - Ecosocialist Joel Kovel Speaks in Hartford

Past TSVN Climate Activism Coverage