Video of Two Days of Climate Convergence

Fri. Sept 19, Sat. Sept 20

naomi_klein5 (17K)
Naomi Klein, Sat. 9/20

petermann3 (27K)
Ann Petermann - "Direct Action is the Antidote to Despair"

immortal9 (25K)
Immortal Technique Poem Bring Down the House

immortal5 (26K)
Immortal Technique Talk

erica3 (36K)
Harper's Canada is Not the Friendly Canada of Your Dreams

laugh_at_cc (23K)
They Saw First Hand a Frightening NYC Climate Catastrophe

Oscar Olivera
Oscar Olivera, Leader of Successful Protests Against Water Privatization

olga2 (18K)
Where are the Cameras Monitoring the Filthy Petcoke?

jill_stein3 (32K)
Together We're Unstoppable

Patterson2 (19K)
"Start Generating Energy at the Community Level"

desmond_d2 (26K)
We Don't Believe in the System. It's Rigged. Down with the Corporations.

tom goldtooth3 (19K)
"We Want to Re-Occupy Manhattan"

water walker2 (20K)
A Prayer from the Water Walker

chris_w_at_cc2 (15K)
"One of the First People Who Should be Put in Jail"

planet over profit3 (16K)
Light Signs: Planet Over Profit

climate_chorus2 (17K)
Climate Chorus

dancer at cc2 (23K)
"I Want to Leave Mother Earth a Better Place than I Found Her"

tar sands play2 (46K)
Bread and Puppet Theater Pagent about Tar Sands video 1

walk caribou2 (34K)
Bread and Puppet Theater - Pagent about Tar Sands video2

help me2 (26K)
Bread and Puppet Theater Pagent about Tar Sands video3

same boat2 (26K)
All in the Same Boat - Pagent about Tar Sands video4

tar sands puppet2 (23K)
The Bread and Puppet Theater in the People's Climate March

climate mobilization plan2 (35K)
A Climate Mobilization to Reduce Greenhouse Gases 100% in Ten Years

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