"After the People's Climate March", What Next?

400,000 marched in New York City to demand action to limit coming climate catastrophe. Yet in the election, climate was barely an issue. What do we do? Forum at Central Connecticut State University, January 13, 2015 sponsored by 350ct.org

brecher (31K)
Utilities Have Program to Discourage Energy Efficiency

mamani (28K)
What is Happening in Ferguson is Happening All Around the World

eickel speech ccsu activists (26K)
Recruit Religious People to the Cause of Climate Justice

suskind (23K)
Get Your Town or City to Become a Frack Waste Free Zone

elaine 2015 (23K)
Half the People in Bridgeport Don't Know the Plant Burns Coal

fischer2 2015 (23K)
Stop Using Extreme Energy. Pay the Ecological Debt

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IEA Says Renewable Resources are Inexhaustible

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Shut Down the Coal Plant. Ban Fracking. Stop the Pipelines.

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Interviews after the Forum