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egypt-court-drops-charges-against-mubarak-altagreer (41K)
Now, Mubarak Gets a Complete Walk and so Do All the Others Who Did or Ordered the Killing

mubarak_pool_2011 (50K)
a Latuff cartoon from 2011, relevant today as Mabarak is freed from prison to "house arrest"

global-war-on-terror-is-over-says-obama (130K)

Barak_handcuffs (106K)

War Criminal Ehud Barak "Stop it"

sarsak_freed_2012 (285K)

In Egypt the Military's Candidate Goes into the Trash Can of History

shafiq-defeated (17K)

irish-solidarity-with-palestinian-hunger-strikers (77K)
In 1981 Bobby Sands and other Irish activists starved themselves to death in a protest for Irish rights

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