Memes and Bit-Lafs(Bitter Laughs)

us saudi alliance spreads moderation (111K)

got your back (387K)

yemen no problem (110K)

behead in the street (144K)

peace out (75K)

demands release of kidnapped (59K)

peace prize (306K)

netanyahu wanted poster2 (172K)

obama netanyahu (239K)

israeli precision (183K)

drink pepsi (400K)

18 killed in one house (157K)

George W happy birthday4 (86K)

Chalabi2 (96K)

new crop of microphones (80K)

obama vows to seek justice (42K)

here 650 million (55K)

182 deaths (39K)

Genius Idea (97K)

surveillance (21K)

the gall (49K)

and if egypt massacres (16K)

just for show (33K)

really cool (40K)
(saw this on someone's timeline)

right to defend (25K)

The Struggle Home Page Button (15K)