As Palestinian Kids are Destroyed,
U.S. Condemns Measures to Protect Them

Abdul (26K)     100 fragments in Palestinian child (69K)

Abdul Rahman Yasser Shteiwi is ten years old. He lives in Kafr Qaddum on the West Bank. He has 100 bullet fragments in his head as a result of being shot by and Israeli soldier. It's a village that has staged regular protests against Israeli army closure of their main access round for eight years. Reportedly Shteiwi wasn't even in the protest. He was sitting on a doorstep playing with a piece of wood.

Israeli occupation forces have suppressed protests using various tactics, including "attack dogs", roadblocks "and other forms of collective punishment", night-time arrest raids, the use of tear gas and putrid 'skunk water', threats, crowd-control weapons and even live ammunition.

On May 31 of this year Israeli Border Policeman shot dead a 15 year-old youth who was attempting to get to Al Aksa Mosque for prayer during Ramadan. Israeli authorities forbid Palestinian teenage boys from the West Bank to go into Jerusalem. Abdallah Gheith and his cousin tried to sneak past fences as do many Palestinians young people. He was unarmed. He was trying to get to one of the holiest mosques in the Muslim world. Without warning he was shot and he died soon thereafter.

Just two of the many, many outrages suffered by Palestinian youths and children. Defense of Children Palestine could tell you about hundreds of cases.

So is the U.S. Congress, which sends the Israeli government $3 billion in military aid every year wringing its hands and denouncing what is done with their money? No. Instead it debates how to condemn or punish the people who call for or take part in boycotts of Israel. On July 23 the House overwhelmingly condemned BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) measures against Israel saying that the boycott was wrong because its organizers would not state that the world should recognize a Jewish superiority state in most of Palestine. The Senate passed a different version of a bill against BDS in February. According to a Dec. 2018 poll by the University of Maryland 40 percent of Americans support sanctions against Israel, including a majority of Democrats (56 percent), but what does Congress care. It supports Israel for imperial reasons, for religious reasons, out of fear of AIPAC and some of them for the Benjamins.

There is a House bill (H.R. 2407) that would ban the use of U.S. funds to mistreat Palestinian children. It was presented in the last Congress by the honorable Betty McCollum and went nowhere. She presented it again in this Congress. It has 21 cosponsors out of over 400 members of Congress.

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