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Archive of Articles on Iran

These are a mix, articles exclusive to this site or links to important articles on other sites.


Protests by Impoverished, Hungry Iranians - Yassamine Mather - Jan 2

The Top 10 Ways to Discredit the Uprising in Iran - Sarcasm by Hamid Dabashi in Al Jazeera

Iran protests: A turning point? Oakland Socialists

Hard-Liners and Reformers Tapped Iranians’ Ire. Now, Both Are Protest Targets- New York Time - Thomas Erdbring - January 2

Some Comments on the New Iranian Revolution - Michael Karadjis - January 1


National Iranian American Council statement on the demonstrations

Reflections on the Growing Anti-Regime Protests in Iran

Demonstrations in Iran to protest against poverty and intervention in Syria - Syria Freedom Forever Iran's Past and Present - Jacobin


‘To each his own weapon, I have my camera’: Iran's 1979 revolution – in pictures - Maryam Zandi - Guardian (UK)

The Lure of Conspiracy Theories in Iranian Politics - the Guardian

Iran Accounted for More Than Half the World's Executions - Amnesty Intl

A Dynasty of Ill-Gotten Gains - Yassamine Mather - Hands off the People of Iran


Iranian Dissidents Explain Why They Support the Nuclear Deal

29 Scientists Praise Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama

700 Executions in Iran This Year Through July - Amnesty International

Arab States in Gulf Have More Military Power Than Iran - Anthony Cordesman

Iran Has Executed 570 Prisoners in First Half of 2015

Anti-War Trade Union Group Calls for "Diplomacy, Not War" with Iran - U.S. Labor Against the War

Times Readers Take on John Bolton's Demand for Mass Murder of Iranians (Read Comments to his Op-Ed)

NIAC Takes Apart Netanyahu Speech

White House Rebuttal of Netanyahu Speech

Netanyahu's Speech on Iran to Congress - Annotated on Mondoweiss

Adelson Funds "United Against Nuclear Iran" - The Nation


Justice Department Moves to Shield Anti-Iran Group's Files New York Times

A Manufactured Crisis - Jan 30, 2014

Iran Executes 40 People in Two Weeks - Amnesty Intl.

Behind the Liberal Facade of Rowhani

Reopen Iran Federation of Journalists - Iran Labor Report

Telephone diplomacy riles Israeli hawks and Iranian conservatives - Yassamine Mather

Adelson - US Should Drop Atomic Bomb on Iran - Jerusalem Post

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Agree Iran Still Is Not Building Nuclear Weapons - James Risen - New York Times - 2012

Hands Off Iran Banner - Middle East Crisis Committee

Anarchists - the Most Important Activists on the Israeli Left - Noam Sheizaf, July 8, 2012

Seymour Hersh Doubts Latest IAEA Report

An Iranian Suggests Questions for a Corrupt Dictator

Neo-Con's Furiously Blowing Smoke on Iran - Stanley Heller

Revealed in the "White House Diaries" by Stanley Heller

A Damned Good Assembly

Scott Ritter "Acts of War" on Iran on July 29

If Iran is Such an Enemy Why is Israel Secretly Trading with it?

The Folly of War with Iran - Stanley Heller

Mazin Qumsiyeh - The Israeli lobby and the endless wars

The United States of America Has Gone Mad - by John le Carré

Israel's Plan to Attack Iran...and What it Will Mean for US Troops