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(As Fascism Conquers Kashmir and India)
The Silence is the Loudest Sound - Arundhati Roy 8/15

Indian, Pakistani Soldiers Die in Cross Border Fire - 8/15

Pakistan's PM Khan Vows to "Teach India a Lesson" - The Guardian (UK)

Modi Wipes out Kashmiri Autonomy

Indiaís Most Oppressed Get Their Revenge - Meena Kandasamy - New York Times

Modi Reminds India of Indira Gandhi. Will He Share Her Electoral Fate? - Gyan Prakash

The Violent Toll of Hindu Nationalism - The New Yorker

Must read article The Trajectory of India under Modi

Indians Critical of Modi Speech

Modi attacks Indian Congress in War Memorial Speech

Modi's War Memorial Speech

Millions Could Perish in India-Pakistan War - The National Interest

The Rest of Us Always Knew Churchill Was a Villain

Workers Rise to Say Enough is Enough

Indian Fear of Taliban Returning to Power


Five Workers in Mumbai Arrested in Alleged "Maoist" Plot - Dec 19, 2018

Alarming Textbook Rewrites - Dec 1, 2018

Head of India's Ruling Party Likens Bangladeshis to "Termites" - Oct 2, 2018

Activists Challenge World Hindu Congress Over Links to Global Fascism - Skanda Kadirgamar, September 21, 2018

Highest Court Says India Gay Sex Ban "Indefensible" New York Times, Sept 6, 2018

Lynchings: [Letter from India] Template for Hate Harper's Magazine, Sept, 2018

Indian Prime Minister Flexes His Authoritarian Muscle - Reason - September 2018

The U.S. is Growing Closer to India Militarily - Arundhati Roy - Democracy Now!, September 6, 2018

The rising tide: Kerala 2018 flood. Is it a "gentile" warning? - Arundhati Roy

Why are the Floods in Kerala So Deadly? - Time Magazine

Arrest of 'Maoist' Modi critics sparks outrage in India

What happened was nothing short of censorship, The Wire - August 6, 2018

Modiís stand on Kashmir will prove disastrous: CPI-M Hindustan Times

Modi's India, an Indian Version of Fascism

Indiaís elite institutions are facing a credibility crisis - Liveminet, Feb. 2018

The Billionaire Yogi Behind Modi's Rise Robert F. Worth, New York Times, July 2018

Trudeauís Embrace Of Modi Was The Worst Part Of His Trip To India Feb. 27, 2018

Indian democracy is in the fight of its life, Oct. 10, 2017

India's Murderous Turn From Democracy | The New Republic September 2017

Trump is Tame Compared to Modi - The Independent 2017

Tulsi Gabbard is Not Your Friend Branko Marcetic - Jacobin March 2017

180 Million Stage One Day Strike in India - International Viewpoint, October 10, 2016

BJP Party Leaders Praises Mahatma Gandhi's Killer - India Today, Dec. 11, 2014

India and Israel: A Friendship Deepened by Prejudice The Guardian (UK), 2011

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