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Archive - the Notorious Henry Kissinger

Here are a few articles and one naughty, classic cartoon.

Kissinger CEO Fired for his Korea-Japan remark

Kissinger Rejects 'Freeze for Freeze' in Korea - 2018

If Henry Kissinger isn't guilty of war crimes, no one is. - Fred Branfman
A Vietnam War whistleblower on Christopher Hitchens' case against the former secretary of state.

Kissinger and Samantha Powers Discuss...Baseball April 2014

Why Henry Kissinger Never Goes Away

Yale Tells Students to Keep Kissinger Talk Secret

Keeping Kissinger Secret (Hopefully a satire)

Kissinger Screwing the World - Classic David Levine Cartoon

Yale Establishes Kissinger Archives

Kissinger in East Timor

The Yom Kippur War and the Kissinger Plot -Shraga Elam

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