Journalist Takes Part in Interrogation of Prisoner

January 14, 2013 Writing in "The Atlantic" Barak Barfi talks about questioning a prisoner who is under Free Syrian Army custody. He doesn't get much out of him. He writes, "When Ibrahim refused to speak, a fighter yelled at him "Liar! Shabih! Dog!" before intensifying his pain with several slaps to the face. After a fruitless hour, I gave up trying to extract information from Ibrahim, concluding that the man the rebels accused of iniquitous deeds was a harmless patsy who likely suffered from a mental illness..."

Did it not occur to Barfi or his editors at "The Atlantic" that journalists are not supposed to get their information through beatings?

The article itself talks about how bad the Free Syrian Army has become and how the people are turning to al-Nusra (which U.S. officials says is al-Qaeda).

The article sounds like something written in the U.S. about Afghanistan in 1995: "The warlords we have been backing are pretty bad, but this new Taliban group looks idealistic"