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About the Open Letter to As'ad AbuKhalil

by Stanley Heller

An absolutely invaluable site to read in As'ad AbuKhalil's Angry Arab. AbuKhalil was born in Lebanon and is a Professor of Political Science at Cal State Stanislaus. Recently he talked about the Israeli housing protest movement using the words, "Revolution of the Sons of Dogs". A few months ago he said for an Israeli Jew to "become 'legitimate' as far as the Palestinian resistance is concerned, he must refuse to serve in the army, leave his home and land and join the armed struggle against Israel."

These comments have given rise to an open letter by a Yehuda Stern of the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine). This is the first I've heard of Mr. Stern or his group. I only heard about it from AbuKhalil's own site. However, I think the open letter makes many good points. Click here to see it.

Comment: Look, you don't get worse than World War II Nazi Germany, but the best of the Left resistance groups always tried to appeal to sections of the Nazified German working class. I'm reminded of the account of Ernest Mandelm the Belgian Marxist activist, who was arrested by the Germans in occupied Belgium and started talking to guards on a prison train finding out that some of them had in years past been Social Democrats. In the end one of them let him escape. As the open letter states Israeli Jews are exploited by their "1%" even though the "99%" of Israeli Jews are on the whole terribly racist and living on Palestinian land. They need to be supported and challenged at the same time.

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