12 More Years

After weeks of bad news about Iraq Occupation the Administration made an effort to buck up support. Bush and company were undoubtedly shocked by comments of their own Republican Senator Chuck Hagel who said that Administration policy was "completely disconnected from reality". Hagel told US News and World Reprot that "The reality is that we're losing in Iraq,"

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld denied that the insurgents were winning and called them "losers". However he admitted that the war could go on for another seven or 12 years. He claimed that US troops would be out of it. Iraqi soldiers would supposedly win the war. All they need is to be is trained. What a joke. The Iraqis who are fighting US soldiers weren't taken out on jets to be trained in bases in the US or Germany. They somehow trained themselves. But after years of training the pro-occupation Iraqis still can't seem to get it together. Don't be fooled. It's US soldiers that who'll be dying and killing in Iraq for many years to come if their parents and loved ones don't defy Bush's patriotic snow job and demand the soldiers be brought home.

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