Anti-War Groups Set Program for March Demo

Committment to Palestinian Rights Reaffirmed

Over 100 activists met in Middletown on January 22nd and came up with the demands for the big demonstration the weekend of March 18-19, the third year of the Iraq invasion and occupation. The march and rally which will be set in New Haven . A sizable and organized minority tried to remove the Palestinian situation from the march or to make the demand an innocuous bleat for peace. However by a large majority "Justice for the Palestinian People" was set as key sub-demand. [See full list below]

The other demands were basically identical to those voted on at the Connecticut United for Peace conference in November with one big addition: No War on Iran. The Bush-Israeli Militarist alliance is in full swing raising phony alarms again and key Israeli policy makers are talking about a military strike in March.

On the issue of the Palestinians several speakers said the issue would be devisive or that it would lose us the chance to gain support from organized labor. However speakers from MECC, the Palestine-American Congress, International Socialist Organization and Socialist Action pointed out that the influence of Israeli militarists in pushing for the Iraq and Iran attacks had to be spoken about honestly, that Palestinians refused to have their rights put on the back-burner again and that there was no reason to think that the union movement was hostile to Palestinians.

Committees were set up to plan the action: Speakers, Logistics, Media and so on. To get involved send a message to us here.

Bring the Troops Home Now! End the Occupation of Iraq!
Money for the Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast, not War!

-No War on Iran
-World Nuclear Disarmament now
-Justice for the Palestinian People
-No to the Attacks on Arab-Americans, Muslims,
and the immigrant community: Civil Liberties for All!