A Turkish Movie about Past Attempts to Restrict Alcohol in Turkey

Yusuf Gursey recommends this film "Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda" - 1996

the film is free to watch online: Turkish with English subtitles:

It's relevant in terms of religious fanaticism and the attempts to restrict alcohol in Turkey

there are some very funny anachronisms (buttoned shirt, paraphrase of Kennedy etc.)

the setting is early 17th cent. Istanbul.

the following are historical:

the 2 flight scenes. glider man and rocket man.

the drunkard Bekri

the encounter between the drunkard and the Sultan and what is said between them.

what rocket man says to the Sultan about Jesus before and after. (the translation "The Lord Jesus Christ" is wrong, he says "The Prophet Jesus" as recorded by Evliya)

the Sultan giving money and what he says.

the nightlife of Istanbul at that era.

the Sultan's mother (the most powerful woman in Turkish history, she was ruthless and involved in much palace intrigue.)

the Sultan, Murad IV (starting out as a mamas boy he did become a warrior king, leading a libertine lifestyle and drinking heavily in private, dying of cirrhosis, his public policies were quite austere, and he did wander through Istanbul in disguise)

Evliya, a minor role in the film, is whose work the film is based upon. he knew glider man and rocket man and described Istanbul's popular entertainment and taverns and hamams (baths) and all other aspects.

the role of the Grand Mufti, the chief religious scholar and advisor to the Sultan is conjecture.

the role of da Vinci's works is conjecture on part of the screenwriter, in reality there were previous Muslims who had studied flight and attempted it for glider man to study.

that they would have to find an Italian captive to translate the language is a major error, there were plenty of Italian traders in Istanbul, as well as Italian turncoats in the Ottoman navy.

that a bat is a mammal i.e. had teats) would have been unlikely knowledge for the period. at least they would not have known that bats had teats, but they would have known they had fur.

the Italian slave girl is entirely fictional.

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