Al-Dura Denial, Rightwing Madness Gets Official Israeli Seal of Approval

Like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is for the anti-Semites, Israeli Rightists talk about the killing of Palestinian Mohammed al-Dura as having been a Palestinian plot. They say that he's either still alive or was killed by Palestinians! The killing of al-Dura had been caught by a French photographer and became a worldwide sensation, but the Rightists claim he was part of the plot. Unfortunately this lunacy is now an official Israeli government report.

Some articles about this in the Israeli paper Ha'aretz and the New York Times. (You may have to subscribe to read them, but it's free to subscribe and you get read up to ten articles a month.)

From The Al Dura Report, a Slanderous Farce and Blood Libel Against Palestinians

"The official report by an Israeli government-appointed panel into the death of Mohammed al-Dura more than a dozen years ago in Gaza, at the start of the second intifada, took me right back to my school days. It reminded me of bullies who, when reproached for an act of violence, would claim flippantly: 'I didnít hit him, sir, he walked into my fist.'Ē Continue at: The Al Dura Report, a Slanderous Farcea and Blood Libel Against Palestinians

Israel's defense minister defends al-Dura panel, calls second intifada incident 'a blood libel'

Israeli panel: Palestinian boy 'killed' by IDF at start of intifada did not actually die

A New York Times blogger takes this all serious here though he does quote an Israeli journalist who notes the report is a dizzying compendium of technial statements with any smoking gun like a photo of "al Dura sitting on a beach"

The Times Isabel Kershner does a report

Here's the Israeli government's finding

Comment: One assumes the next Israeli investigation will reveal that Yassir Arafat is also really alive and is a hedge fund manager in Brazil and that Archduke Ferdinand was never shot and that World War I was a mistake.