Israeli Help for Al-Qaeda in Syria

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Update April 27. Al-Jazeera The Case of the Facebook spy

Update - April 7, 2015. The ‘Facebook spy’ who exposed Israel’s support for Syria rebels - Richard Silverstein

March 13. Israel is apparently giving help to Al-Qaeda soldiers in Syria without any opposition from Washington. The Wall Street Journal reported on March 12 that Israel treat's Al-Nusra fighters and returns them to the Syrian border. The Jerusalem Post took up the Journal report with an even more glaring headline "Israel Treating al-Qaida Fighters".

No one in officaldom seems shocked by this. This is the same Al-Qaeda that declared responsibility for the 3,000 American deaths on 9/11, but apparently the "experts" think this is some new improved Al-Qaeda that they can work with.

On February 28 and on On March 3, 2015 Richard Silverstein's Tikkun Olam website discussed Israeli help for Al-Nusra after an Israeli Druze was arrested for reporting on a meeting inside of Israel of Israeli intelligence officers and al-Nusra soldiers. The Druze gave the video to Syrian government officials who broadcast it on state TV.

The website Jewish Business News had this report Dec. 12, 2014

Here is our TSVN video comment about this