Working with the Neo-Nazis in the 1980's

by Stanley Heller

One would have thought that the Zionists would have learned their lesson from the Holocaust, that the Nazis were monstrous enemies who could not be trifled with.

But in the '70's and '80's, at the same time some Zionist groups went on hunting for German Nazi war criminals, the Israeli government was working with neo-Nazi countries in Latin America.

In 1984 Israel Shahak talked about this during a lecture in New York City. Shahak was a brilliant teacher of chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was born in Poland, locked up in the Warsaw Ghetto with his family in 1943 was forced in the Poniatowa concentration camp where his father died. Shahak went to Palestine right after World War II and politically became a follower of David Ben Gurion. That changed when in 1956 he heard Ben Gurion speak about the Suez war's purpose as to fight for "the kingdom of David and Solomon"

He started speaking up for Palestinian rights and eventually became head of the Israeli League for Civil and Human Rights. His translations of the Hebrew press in the days before the internet were absolutely invaluable.

At his New York lecture Shahak talked about Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. At the time their governments had been overthrown by the military in cooperation with neo-Nazi groups and actual German Nazi immigrants like Klaus Barbie.

The most outrageous case was that of the junta in Argentina. It's leaders actually believed that the "World Jewish Conspiracy" planned to detach Patagonia from Argentina and set up a second Israel. The junta had thousands in prison and used torture liberally. With Jewish prisoners they routinely screamed racist abuse and Nazi insanity. They made Jewish prisoners kneel before pictures of Adolph Hitler.

Shahak said that in the face of this well known anti-Semitism in Argentina the state of Israel, the Jewish state, the defender of the Jews, made not a single protest. They didn't expel the Argentinian ambassador. On the contrary, arms sales to the Argentinian military continued as if all were completely normal.

The most famous Jewish prisoner of the junta was Jacabo Timerman, a conservative publisher of Buenos Aires most important newspaper. In 1977 he was jailed and he didn't get out for two years. Like other prisoners he ws tortured. While applying electric shocks, his torturers chanted with a kind of wild hysteria: "Jew… Jew…. Jew…Clipped prick…. clipped prick… Jew!"

I and a thousand others heard Timerman speak at an important Hamden, CT synagogue sometime in the '80s' I remember him saying that his interrogators actually believed that in imprisoning him they had actually captured one of the "Elders of Zion" that headed the supposed international Jewish conspiracy to conquer the world.

(By the way the local Jewish newspaper did not write one article about the incredibly well attended speech of this international figure Jacabo Timerman. You see in 1982 he had written a scathing attack on Israel's invasion of Lebanon. This had put him beyond the pale as far as the Jewish establishment was concerned.)

The Zionist state looks out for its narrow state interests and cannot be depended upon even to carry it its self-proclaimed mission to protect the Jews.