Iraq Genocide Memorial Day 2013

starving_kids_iraq_map (22K)

Article by Stanley Heller

Was it Genocide? Samantha Powers and Jeremy Scahill Disagree (In the middle of the article look for: "SAMANTHA POWER: No, but we can talk about that. I donít think the Clinton administration set out to deliberately destroy the Iraqi people as such. ")

Madeleine Albright Voted 23rd "most trusted" in Readers Digest 2013 poll - see her quote about women

Cartoons on Iraq Sanctions by Bill Deutsch of Ampersand

Cartoon: Bill Clinton and the Iraq Sanctions

Cartoon: Top Ten Reasons Americans Don't Feel Responsible for Iraqi Deaths

Cartoon: Oil Empire

Cartoon: Bloody Hands 2008

An Iraqi Remembers the Sanctions - Audio Interview Sabah al-Mukhtar May 2012

Cartoon: Tut, tut, not until you rise up and overthrow Saddam

Joy Gordon author or Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions talks on Democracy Now! - 2010

Willful Blindness - Chris Toensing's Review of Joy Gordon's book

Worth It - Andrew Cockburn 2010

More articles, photos, etc. from 2012