lloyd francis jr iconic photo (25K)
photo of starving Iraqi child Lloyd Francis, Jr. mid-1990's

Iraq Genocide Memorial Day 2014

In 1990 Saddam Hussein's military conquered Kuwait. The U.S. and Britain made the U.N. enforce sactions banning all trade with Iraq. After the defeat of Hussein in 1991 and his withdrawal from Kuwait sanctions "eased" and Iraq could supposedly freely import food and medicine, however, sanctions on oil sales lasted for at least 12 more years. Without money Iraq could not import and Iraqis starved and died of disease by the hundreds of thousands. The supposed reason for this (illegal) mass killing of civilians was that Hussein was hiding "weapons of mass destruction" and was a "threat to the world". On national TV in '96 Clinton's U.N. Ambassador Albright was questioned about an estimate that 567,000 children had died because of the sanctions. She never denied the awful charge, but said the deaths were "worth it". While Albright was a willing participant in the crime remember she was administering the policy started by President George Bush and continued by her boss President Bill Clinton (and later by George W. Bush). Albright is widely reviled by the Left for what she did on Iraq, but Clinton has gotten away pretty much scott free as has the First Lady of that time, Hillary Clinton.

22 Second excerpt from "60 Minutes" May 12, 1996
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Madeleine Albright Admits Sanctions Killed 500,000 Children

"Albright Questioned in 2013 and Answers with Gibberish

Followed by Questioner
At 2:20 She Claims She's Apologized for "the statement"

2013 Judge Dismisses Fine Against Bert Sacks for Defying Iraq Sanctions

Rafil Dhafir Still Serving Decades in Prison for Breaking Iraq Sanctions - 2014 Interview with Lynne Jackson on "The Struggle"

Joy Gordon, author of "Invisible War", a book about the Iraq sanctions speaks on Democracy Now! in 2010.

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