Dov Yermiya

Dov Yermiya (11K)

He came to New Haven CT as part of a speaking tour with New Jewish Agenda in 1983 or 1984.

In 1982 at age 68 he had volunteered to be part of the invasion force of Lebanon. He told us in New Haven he did this to try to prevent or moderate atrocities.

He was dismissed from the army after writing scathing articles about what he saw in a newspaper and later in a book "My War Diary

About his tour a critic of New Jewish Agenda, Rael Jean Isaac wrote: "Yermiya had tartly defended his likening of Israel to Nazi Germany: 'It appears that I erred in explicitly mentioning the name which Jews consider a private asset, some kind of primate Satan which must not be mentioned in the same breath as their own actions, as parallel as those actions may be'." It sounds like something he would say.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak invited him to an event with other 1948 veterans. He spurned the invitation.

In 2009 at the age of 95, he who had been born in pre-state Israel, renounced Zionism in a letter (to whom?). Uri Avnery wrote about it here.

The next year he wrote this piece "The end of Sicarii Zionism"

His obituary in Haaretz

His obituary in 972mag which includes video of him talking about a soldier who raped and a commander who wanted to murder the victim

Obituary on Mondoweiss

Shmuel Lahis, the man who massacred of dozens of Palestinians in Lebanon in 1948 and whom Yermiya had ordered prosecuted died at 93 in March 2019. Lahis received one year in prison, a punishment later revoked, was pardoned by the president and went on to head the Jewish Agency

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